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Found 1 result

  1. I shall link you to this site which is infinitely ridiculous in my eyes: http://thegloaming.tripod.com/bonzo.html Now, sure, it's possible there are multiple Jones, multiple Plants....though absurd. And who knew Bonzo was still alive? Take this excerpt regarding JPJ: JOHN PAUL JONES "As all you who have watched The Song Remains The Same know, Zeppelin's bass guitarist, John Paul Jones, seems to be involved in some sort of weird fashion show---changing his clothes multiple times during various songs. The speculation is that this---in addition to the fact that his hair styles were also constantly changing from one publicity shoot to the next; not to mention the sheer magnitude of the number of musical instruments he was proficient with, and the many "hats" he wore (musician, composer, lyricist, arranger, recording engineer, etc.)---points to a plethora of JPJs---at least 4, to be exact." Another fake-site trying to mislead the general public of fans. You never know, though....life is a mystery paralleled by Led Zeppelin's inner secrets. What do YOU think about this? Feel free to share opinions, thoughts, and more.
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