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Found 5 results

  1. http://rockandrollgarage.com/robert-plant-reveals-the-strangest-led-zeppelin-covers-he-ever-heard/
  2. I'm not sure if a thread like this has already been done, I'll assume not. Today Going up the Country by Canned Heat came on the radio and once again I thought to myself how awesome this would have been given the Zeppelin treatment. Led Zeppelin would have killed this live. Every time I hear this it strongly plays in my head as if Zep are attacking it. Jimmy setting up the song in place of the pan flute ( I think '75 tone would suit), the Bonham/Jones groove dropping in supreme, add in some delicious Bonham fills which would suit this so much, and Jimmy and Percy going on with it having a cracking good time.... this always occurs to me and I rock out much harder than I should to this song because of it. Porgy, i reckon you guys could do some Songs in the style of Zep posts for a bit of fun. And this one can kick it off! So wadayareckon peeps? If Led Zeppelin covered a song or two somewhere along the way, what song would you want it to be? You can cheat and nominate songs from a later period since it is all fantasy...
  3. This, to me, is the coolest riff Page ever put down on guitar. Is it a traditional blues progression? Sure, but the way Page combines this acoustic riff with electric guitar and turns it into a blues rock masterpiece still astounds me today. He was a little over twenty when he recorded this. The swagger of this song is still unmatched in my opinion. You can bring up Beck, Clapton, Richards, Townsend, or Steve Vai, but none of them put anything down that sounded as confident and cool as this song.
  4. here's my solo. sorry for messing up/improvising on some parts. i added a little something at the end
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