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Found 3 results

  1. Part of the unintended consequences of the covid-19 lock down/stay at home mandates is a complete crash of oil prices. Nobody driving, no demand for gasoline, too much refined gasoline already in storage not being sold. But then how does that affect the price of beer you may ask? Well, part of beer distilling uses CO2 to "pre-fill" the bottles and cans before the beer is added and the container sealed. In the United States brewers buy their food grade CO2 from distributors who obtain the CO2 (which is a natural by-product of ethanol production) from oil refineries. Ethanol is a additive
  2. Elton John to Host Coronavirus Relief Television Special
  3. I think the 4 members of Led Zeppelin should do what so many other artists are doing from home or studio -FaceTime together and play a few songs to help the world get through this pandemic with a little help from their heros. I think Jimmy can lead this effort with Robert, Jonsey, and Jason coming in from their quarentine locations. How great would that be?
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