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Found 1 result

  1. Has anyone here had wrist or shoulder problems (tendonitis) from playing? I scored a free group music lesson recently, and the instructor was a classical (and possibly a former rock) guitarist. He told me my position was all wrong ergonomically. He had me use this thingy that stuck to my guitar (an acoustic) with suction cups and raised it up and angled it more as I held it sitting. I think he was right about the guitar needing to be angled more, as my wrist didn't hurt afterward and I had been having some problems like that. I could clearly see I wasn't twisting my (left) wrist as much. He actually wanted me to put it on my left leg, which seemed weird, but maybe classical guitarists play like that? (with the guitar kind of between your legs). However, that would have made me stretch my right arm over too much which would have caused other problems, I think. I'm thinking of buying one of the thingys, can't remember what they're called. I also realized I need to sit in a real chair to play, not the sofa or on my bed. Maybe I'm just not as young as I used to be...
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