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Found 1 result

  1. Having done a search, this tour doesn't get discussed much on the forum. I was hoping to start this thread so's to stir up a bit of 1980 tour discussion. As promised (threatened? ) I have put together a 1980 compilation in the tradition of my 1977 How The West Was Won II comp. Using 1st gen soundboard sources, I came up with this: LED ZEPPELIN OVER EUROPE 1980 Train Kept A Rollin' (Cologne 18 June) Nobody's Fault But Mine (Cologne 18 June) Black Dog (Cologne 18 June) In The Evening (Frankfurt 30 June) The Rain Song (Frankfurt 30 June) Hot Dog (Frankfurt 30 June) All My Love (Frankfurt 30 June) Trampled Under Foot (Berlin 7 July) Since I've Been Loving You (Zurich 29 June) Achilles Last Stand (Zurich 29 June) White Summer/Black Mountain Side (Cologne 18 June) Kashmir (Cologne 18 June) Stairway To Heaven (Berlin 7 July) Rock And Roll (Berlin 7 July) Money (Frankfurt 30 June) Heartbreaker (Zurich 29 June) Communication Breakdown (Cologne 18 June) Whole Lotta Love (Berlin 7 July) (I concede I may have made some 'controversial' choices here, but I had my reasons, which we can also discuss. Also I noticed the Cologne soundboard had a much rougher sound than the others, which had a more uniform quality to them. Damn, some of these 1980 soundboards sound good!) I have to be honest: I certainly don't have the enthusiasm for the 1980 tour that I have for, say, 1977 Some of the '80 gigs I find generally dreadful, some are just so-so, and then there are nights like Zurich and Frankfurt where the band could hit their old peak and were transcendent. Having said that, though, listening to these four shows in full over the last couple days gave me a new appreciation for the tour, and what Zeppelin was trying to do. Quite simply, they seemed to change their whole approach to performing, focusing more on playing songs than showing off with a lot of drawn out self indulgent improvisation. We all know the story about the band's 'cut the waffle' attitude towards these gigs, and quite frankly it did seem to be the right decision. There are of course some drawbacks...first and foremost some of the 1980 shows feature Jimmy Page at his absolute worst. On the basis of his sloppy, erratic playing, I don't reckon Page looks back on a lot of these performances with fondness (he has expressed enthusiasm for the Zurich and Munich shows in the past.) Though there were still moments of the old brilliance from Pagey, but they seem to come from so out of left field it makes you appreciate them that much more. Robert Plant, consummate pro that he is, seemed to switch from enthusiastic to apathetic at the drop of a hat. Some nights it sounds like he simply did not want to be there; others he's just as impassioned in his vocals as ever (particularly on the newer material). His attitude towards the audience seems to have changed as well- gone is the witty charm in his Plantations; some nights (Rotterdam and Hannover immediately come to mind) there are times when Percy seems downright contemptuous towards the audience. Plant's mixed emotions make for an interesting listen at times. John Bonham could be erratic on this tour as well; he seems to have a more restrained approach to his playing in general, though that isn't necessarily a bad thing (some nights the whole band seems subdued) and it's hard to tell if Bonzo was rethinking his whole approach to drumming or if the booze and drugs were beginning to take their toll (though Bonham had a way to go before reaching the same level of substance induced decline of somebody like Keith Moon). Then there's John Paul Jones...there were some '77 shows where JPJ really rose to the occasion and carried the band. In 1980 that appeared to be the case in general. Considering Page's (and Bonham's) erraticism, and Plant's lack of enthusiasm, JPJ is the star here. He plays more keyboards than bass than ever at these shows, and though he may have made some questionable choices in regard to his keyboard sounds, his efforts towards 'modernizing' the band's sound were admirable. As I've stated before, my biggest issue with the 1980 tour is the setlist. I admit I generally skip the whole "Rain Song"/"Hot Dog"/"All My Love" sequence; that kind of running order IMO poured saltpeter over the audience in much the same way that back to back drum and 'noise' solos did in 1977. I've no issue with them performing those songs, just that order. It's no wonder they had to pull the audience out of their stupor with "Trampled Under Foot" after that. Had Zeppelin made it to the States to tour later in the year, I could see the fluctuating momentum of the setlist causing some hostility with the punters. Any, what are yer thoughts about the tour? I know the '80 gigs have their fans and supporters here. And if yer innarested in hearing the comp I made, well, you know the drill, shoot me a PM.
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