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Found 24 results

  1. show me a pic of your guitar or your dream guitar (please specify which). bass acceptable. no cowbell. here's mine (epiphone by gibson strat): love this one. and my dream guitar (gibson les paul wine red):
  2. This, to me, is the coolest riff Page ever put down on guitar. Is it a traditional blues progression? Sure, but the way Page combines this acoustic riff with electric guitar and turns it into a blues rock masterpiece still astounds me today. He was a little over twenty when he recorded this. The swagger of this song is still unmatched in my opinion. You can bring up Beck, Clapton, Richards, Townsend, or Steve Vai, but none of them put anything down that sounded as confident and cool as this song.
  3. hello, everyone! so, there's this question i've been asking myself for some time now, and the question is: "should i play guitar or bass?". i've been playing guitar for 3 years now, and i've gotten quite good actually, but recently i haven't been able to progress much and i'm losing my skill. on the other hand, i developed a love for bass and i am learning a lot relatively quickly and it's really fun. however, i've worked very hard to get where i am on guitar, and i still relatively enjoy it. i don't know what i should do, so i'm asking you guys what should i do. also, which one do you play and why? also, also, which ones cooler? lol
  4. ok, so here's a question for you guys. i am looking for an amp that has a gain channel good enough to sound like jimmy page. obviously, we all know that it's all in the fingers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), but what amp would be nearest to what jimmy uses (not on I but on, II, III, IV, etc)? the amp has to be at least 30 watts ( if you find it necessary to recommend something with a lower wattage, feel free to do so), it has to have built-in reverb, and have a decent clean channel as well as being capable of handling non-metal high gain (e.g.: oasis, foo fighters, van halen). it doesn't have to be new, it can be used, as well as refurbished. preferably tube. so, yeah... suggestions?
  5. Hi my friends! i'm DJ from Spain.I need a new guitar samples for my music. At the past i was buying samples from this sites: This site. And This site I bought all the guitar packs from this sites! Where i can buy a new samples? Pls help!
  6. Hello, everyone! I've been a Led Zeppelin fan ever since growing up with having my father listening/playing their music. I had a fun time making the video I posted below and thought this forum would be a great place to share. Being Zeppelin fans, I'd be interested in hearing your opinion, otherwise, I hope you enjoy!
  7. Hi guys, i made a cover of the guitar solo to stairway to heaven from the song remains the same dvd. Let me know what you think.
  8. I love this version of the song! Does anyone have a tab of how Jimmy plays it here? I can never get this one right. I can play the regular song, but the way he does this version.... I just don't know. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I am starting a new thread on guitars. Im just starting out in playing. Would love to learn what other musicians have to teach, and make a few new friends as I start this journy. If you have advice, tab you want to share... info on new guitars and the latest equipment, lets talk! Hopefully this will go over well. Cheers..
  10. Hi My brother is about to sell a very fine bass Serial Number one of the exclusiv German maker Hoyer. I was thinking for a while to give this excellent Instrument to Jimmie´s collection for free as a " thank you" for what he has done for all of us. Therefore I got 2 questions: 1. How can I make sure Jimmy gets the guitar not any Manager...? Any adress to send it to ? 2. It is said that he has got a hughe collection. already. What are the plans for it - a Museum etc. ? As said Im still in an argue with my brother about it. I guess he is skinned and the guitar belongs to both of us.. But an answere might change his mind. Thanks for any reply.
  11. What are your favourite guitar solos? Here one great list http://rockdaily.blogspot.com/2012/01/100-greatest-rock-guitar-solos.html One of my favourites that comes to mind is Hendrix's All along the watchtower http://rockdaily.blogspot.com/2012/01/100-greatest-rock-guitar-solos.html
  12. hello! I can improvise (with the guitar) in the pentatonic scale, but I wonder if there are other scales... and how to do it on a chord sequence (which scale I need to use) ... I have a vague idea, but I would like to clarify that. thanks! Sorry for the english
  13. O.K. So I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that now that there is a game where you actually learn how to play songs on the guitar, Jimmy Page will release songs for them!!! He said that he wouldn't for Guitar Hero, because they could have spent that time actually learning how to play. WELL HERE IT IS MR. PAGE!!! I'd like to ask how (if at all possible) could we get his attention on this?? I mean, I know there are some out there who want to learn!!!
  14. May be off topic but I found this guitar harmonics video on YT. Kind weird but starting to grow on me
  15. Yeah really nice stuff here. Stairway to heaven original solo in a Jimmy Page jazzy style.
  16. Hey guys!As Led Zeppelin fans that you are I´d like to share with you one of my covers. I tried to do my best on this one!and remember it is a cover!it is not perfect!Thanks to Mr.Page for this masterpiece. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJb2GiOUfxM
  17. Can anyone please give me some tips or a how-to for playing Zep's version of 'Hello Mary Lou' featured in the WLL medley on HTWWW? My band has dabbled with a very bland version of the original but I am dying to inject some Zep into the song. I have worked out one small riff from the solo and know that the song follows a basic E-A-B progression but obviously it's not that simple with the master Jimmy Page playing. There is one of someone playing it but he is standing in the dark so I can't really get a good look at how he does it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Does anyone know how to play the riff that replaces the last chord in the main riff of Kashmir when played live. The riff was played by the string section in the studio recording, and Page usually starts doing in the second verse. it can be heard at around 1:24 in this video: I would like to know how to play it, it sounds cool.
  19. Here is a guitar cover i shot and edited for my friend who is playing and i thought to share it with you guys. We need to show this to more people so if you like it then share,like etc. Thanks guys you rock!
  20. Hey, i just uploaded a cover of Whole lotta Love and man, i think that song is ways to awesome, but well, it would be really cool if you would check it out! I added some solos at the ending, i failed a bit at jammy's Solo, but nevermind... ;D Here it is: Stay tuned, ElAlbino
  21. I decided to make a video for Pagey'z birthday the other day, and I know I went with the obvious choice, but even though everyone haz heard Stairway a million timez, there'z a reazon for it, and the reazon iz that it'z freakin' phenomenal! Anywho, here she blowz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfqiy9S5I70 GET THE LED OUT! -Ray Flanagan
  22. (Joseph Ferrante, piano tuner of George Harrison) This treatment of the song has been completely changed rhythmically and harmonically to obtain a very different song which hardly keeps any resemblance to the original one. Only the lyrics and the singing melody remain untouched. The rest is another song altogether. The piece has been practically recomposed. In other words, another song was composed where the singing melody of the original song would perfectly fit. An ethereal choir lays the carpet upon which the rest of the arrangements would rest. A mixture of classical scales, indian music, greek music, latin bachata, mambo and flamenco brings the song into reality. On top of an obstinate percussive tempo softened by a romantic bachata rhythm, we hear the sometimes sweet and sometimes savage expressions of the guitar telling us a story... The third part of this recomposition gives the guitar the chance to break free from the melodic structure. After a fierce battle in the oceanic winds against creatures of all sorts, we hear the guitar rest on an ingenuous final chord which, in the sunset is the herald of a peaceful starry night... This Hey Jude was born to reach music lovers of all backgrounds and ages. This Hey Jude is a child of the heart and is meant to reach the hearts...comes from the depths of the soul and from there calls out to the depths of any other soul.... The owners of the copyright for the original Hey Jude (Sony Music Publishers) were so delighted by this recomposition that granted Joseph Ferrante a publishing agreement for it, thus allowing him to restructure the song. It is important to notice that on very few occasions copyright owners have granted a permission to alter a song protected by them. To view this publishing agreement go to: http://ferrrantemusic5.byethost13.com/12.htm Concerning this Hey Jude of Joseph Ferrante, Richard Dunn of BBC World service commented: ¨I must say I found it a very original and quite virtuoso arrangement¨. Sam Winwood of Sony Entertainment (UK) Limited said: ¨I was really impressed with the quality of the performance and your new arrangement¨. Andy Turner of London Capital Radio went on to say: ¨I found it a very interesting arrangement¨. For a 40 seconds preview of the song go to: http://ferrrantemusic5.byethost13.com You will only listen to the first part of the song. The most thrilling part of the song, the last part, is not heard on this preview.
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