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Found 1 result

  1. One of the things that Beatles fans sometimes observe looking back is how some of the early lyrics (John's, in particular) have aged poorly. For example, Run For Your Life and You Can't Do That are more than a little creepy/stalkerish/controlling sounding to 21st century ears. In my view this doesn't apply to Zeppelin as the lyrics are pretty uniformly upbeat and/or melancholy, but never hostile or threatening. However there are a couple of awkward moment let's just say, at least when I listen. The intro to Bring It On Home, where Robert's doing his best impression of a Chicago bluesman, and the whole shotgun bit in HOTRH. Before folks pile on saying I'm too PC, let me say that (a) I think these songs were both intended as homage/respect for the art form of the blues, and (b) I can't see how either Robert or Jimmy has ever had a racist or violent bone in their bodies or thought in their heads. But I would say that I figure they wouldn't record these songs that way today. Anyway that just struck me this morning. Just interesting how times change and how the context for the originals is disappearing, in that now I'm sure someone somewhere is calling that "cultural appropriation." And wondering if any other lyrics seem to clang on the floor these days for one reason or another?
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