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Found 6 results

  1. 'Wanted Man' Performance From MONSTERS OF ROCK CRUISE October 1, 2016
  2. Geezer Butler on bass. Stevie Stevens on guitar. Matt Sorum on drums. And some guy named Frankie on vocals (and occasional bongos). The band's name is Deadland Ritual and they had their debut gig at the Troubadour Club last night. Thanks to a friend who hooked me up, I was there. Considering I had missed, for one reason or another, four or five concerts in the past few weeks, I was relieved to finally get out to a gig no matter who it was. I had no idea going in who Deadland Ritual was or that they were even playing, haha. But with Geezer Butler and Matt Sorum involved it figured to be some hard rock-metal type music. After the opening blast of "Symptom of the Universe", the singer declared simply "We are Deadland Ritual and we play heavy metal". Okay...duly noted. Instrumentally, the band was tight. Geezer is legend, natch, and I was really impressed with how Stevie Stevens has kept up his chops. He played better than I remember him playing with Billy Idol in the 1980s. The singer Frankie was okay...even good in spots. But something didn't quite click. He looked like a heavy metal George Michael. Maybe it was nerves...I mean, he's playing with big time musicians. Maybe he'll grow into the frontman role. But hell, just to be in a small club with GEEZER BUTLER a mere few feet away...everything else was gravy. The set lasted 75 minutes or so...no encore. Deadland Ritual songs with a few choice covers thrown in..."Symptom of the Universe", "Neon Nights", "Sweet Leaf", "Rebel Yell", "NIB", "War Pigs".
  3. Hello there, I'm writing here because I'm looking for someone that owns Jas Obrect's book "Masters of Heavy Metal". I just need a simple information: since I'm working on a university thesis in philosophy (aesthetics) about heavy metal and I've found on the Robert Walser's "Running with the devil" a quote from Obrecht's book (Ozzy Osbourne talking about Randy Rhoads), I'm quoting Ozzy's words but I need to quote the bibliography. I've found everything about the book except one info: the pages of the essay about Randy Rhoads. If you've got the Quill 1984 edition, may I ask you to tell me what is the first and the last page of the essay about Randy? I think it's something around 174\182, but I need the precise informations. Thank you very much and I'm sorry if I've bothered you in any way. Best regards!
  4. As David Grohl stated Led Zeppelin “helped establish hard-rock, folk-rock, blues-rock, heavy metal, and possibly even helped influence psychedelic and punk-rock”. Of course there are other genres that Led Zeppelin has influenced, some of which would be nonexistant without Zeppelin. But what are some genres that Zeppelin hasn't really influenced?
  5. Pentagram was a metal band from the 1970s. A so-called "street Black Sabbath" and forefather of doom metal, or whatever they call it. My memory is a little fuzzy on them. I don't own any of their records nor do I have a clear memory of seeing them in concert, although it's possible they were one of the opening bands to some metal fest or tour that I've long forgotten about. It'll take me a while to scour through my archives to see if I saw them. Does anybody else here have any recollections of Pentagram? Apparently they are a band held in some esteem by metalheads. The reason I bring this up is that there is a new documentary out about them called "Last Days Here", and it looks amazing. Here's the trailer: I am going to the opening night party at the Cinefamily tonight, where the movie will be playing for a week. Along with the premiere and after-show party, Bobby Liebling himself will be there! Should be an interesting night, to say the least.
  6. Hard choice, but here's 3 songs that always comes to my mind http://rockdaily.blogspot.com/2012/02/heavy-metal-anthems.html what do you say? \m/
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