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Found 5 results

  1. Daniel Glass,an excellent drummer in his own right walks us through the history of the drum kit including cymbals,hi-hats etc. Gene Krupa and other legends are also featured.The video is broken up into episodes making it easy to return to if you're time poor and was recommended to me by my drum teacher.
  2. Just finished reading Barney Hoskins' oral history of LZ and was left disappointed. Not enough on the CREATION of the music and perhaps too many unsubstantiated accounts of bad behavior, especially from John Bonham. It got me thinking: what would the LZ community here consider the BEST overall book on LZ? Thanks for sharing!
  3. Hey! if you want to learn everything from 1950 to 1970 in 5 minutes, every important detail- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Hmyo6wAd8A&list=PLz83UExlrSRrK7ffD6sPJUZy9YpWzqAKX Thanks!
  4. I've seen some discussion of this on other threads and was wondering about different people's opinions...here's what I think: Drugs: The 70s were more lax about drug use (both recreational and prescription), but there seem to be just as many drug addicts today, despite our laws and occasional hysteria. On the other hand, people today are more informed about drug addiction and are more likely to seek help/encourage others to get help when needed...unbelievable as it is today I had a prescription for barbiturates when I was 16 and my parents allowed me and my brother to drink wine and beer at home and my father even used to make me whiskey sours. Yet, I never developed a problem with any of these things Perhaps in addition to not being predisposed to be an addict, I learned to drink responsibly BEFORE college. Sex: I had a 19-year-old boyfriend when I was 15 and this was considered normal. I even dated some men older than that. What was different is neither I nor any of the girls I knew who dated older guys (or guys our age) were pressured for sex. It seems to me that today girls are pressured for sex. Not that there was no sex among teens in the 70s, but in my high school at least it was usually only the serious couples and not usually before age 16. Also when there was sex it was just as likely to be the girls who initiated it. Among adults, there were a lot of one-night stands in the disco scene, but these were seen as being something totally different from relationships and were often anonymous. Some couples were into "swinging" but this was something that was in addition to but not a substitute for a relationship. I don't recall the term "friends with benefits." Other social behavior: I don't remember "bullying" past elementary school. By high school we were almost like adults. Most people had part-time jobs, even if they didn't need them, so they could have their own money. I don't remember "mean girls." I do, however, remember some actual fights, although not on school grounds. My brother got his teeth knocked out in a fight. Overall, conflict was more rare, but more serious when it did happen. What do you remember?
  5. Today 29 August 2012 popular game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire asks question to television NEWS ANCHORS (television news hosts) playing for charity all over 40 years of age that you would think a news anchor would know. The question was basically which classic album did a man change his name to that had these songs: Ramble On, and Whole Lot of Love: The answer choices were: Led Zeppelin II, a Stones album, a David Bowie album and Abbey Road. The question went unanswered. Where were these NEWS ANCHORS all their lives?
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