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Found 5 results

  1. This blows me away. Any thoughts on how they did it? I'm now a fan of HTWWW. Much clearer, cleaner, tighter sound. Thanks! PS. I'm actually listening to a download from a local public library. Good for them!
  2. Hello. I'm listening to Mobile 73 as I write. After 10 years, I'm still blown away by how crisp and well-balanced the sound is. It's as though I'm in the 5th row now watching the band to a perfect EQ through the PA system. And the Plantations - wonderful! The way a live concert should be released. 72 HTWWW. Start to finish a run through maybe twice since it's release. It's almost like high-tech engineers hired a great cover band for a digital studio day and audience noise was added. Good music but not the real Zeppelin at their peak. Any thoughts? Hoping to get the end of Mobile some day from the same source, with the encores, and without the over producing that makes HTWWW a "who is this?" experience. Enjoy the forum!
  3. Hello, Compare HTWWW and Burn Like A Candle after multiple listens. There must be a post somewhere about this, so redirect me if needed. I tried doing a search top right but couldn't. My Samsung tablet might be a little ornery. Why am I still wanting a complete soundboard of BLAC and still listening to HTWWW? JPJ's clean, powerful supporting bass, Bonzo's stupendous overpowering drums, JP's elegant guitar, and RP's clear vocals in excellent shape. But I miss the Plantations, the extended WLL, and the feel of the audience. Did JP overwork it? With Mike Millard's recordings, especially 6/21/1977, you're there in row 6 and don't want to leave. Even the rough BLAC has a better live feel. HTWWW, good as it is, is studio recording in reverse, a bit over produced and under songed. HTWWW leaves out Louie, Louie and Thank You? That should have finished off the official release. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  4. Can anybody tell me why this is the only major release (excluding box set II) in the bands official catalogue not have received the black wax treatment?
  5. Can anyone please give me some tips or a how-to for playing Zep's version of 'Hello Mary Lou' featured in the WLL medley on HTWWW? My band has dabbled with a very bland version of the original but I am dying to inject some Zep into the song. I have worked out one small riff from the solo and know that the song follows a basic E-A-B progression but obviously it's not that simple with the master Jimmy Page playing. There is one of someone playing it but he is standing in the dark so I can't really get a good look at how he does it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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