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Found 8 results

  1. Nice interview with Bonzo from July 27 1974 issue of 'Sounds' , a UK music paper. Sorry if this has already been posted but I thought it would be appreciated here.
  2. Good three part Jimmy Page radio interview here with Jimmy talking about his career as a session guitarist and Zeppelin. http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/pages/tdim_radio_jimmy_page_documentary
  3. Hi, I have a record that I can't find:{ It's not labeled and it's still sealed, so I really don't want to open it. Can anyone help me? Thanks,Sara:}
  4. Robert Plant is about to be interviewed on the Radcliffe and Maconie show on BBC radio 6 today. I have emailed the presenters the following question for Robert - hope they ask it! "What are your thoughts about the upcoming release of remastered and expanded deluxe editions of the Led Zeppelin albums? Are there some hidden gems that we can look forward to, in terms of unreleased tracks, outtakes and alternative versions of classic Zeppelin tracks?"
  5. Hi, I'm Kyle Williams and I run a web show where independent artists and musicians can go to learn how to find their market and effectively grow in today's music industry. I just recently did an interview with Led Zeppelin's tour photographer from the 1970s, Neal Preston. I thought I'd give a shout here so that all Zep fans get a chance to check it out. http://www.seedsofmusic.net/2013/05/led-zeppelin-sound-and-fury-neal-preston-interview/ (What's funny is I found out his favorite rock band, and it's not Zeppelin) ------ Kyle Williams SeedsofMusic.net
  6. Hello Led Zep Fans!! I'm writing a research paper and my topic is Led Zeppelin. I need to interview a fan. If anyone can help me out as soon as possible, I'll really appreciate it. It won't take too much of your time. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you all!!
  7. I've found a - supposedly - rare audio interview on YouTube. I've thought I make a playlist of that and share with you, but I must say, unfortunately the quality is quite bad. http://www.youtube.c...67C1DE9E0D2D181 (If someone has already sheared this before me, sorry and please delete this topic.)
  8. From the Gibson website: Jimmy Page Behind the Desk: Led Zeppelin Studio Secrets Revealed Ted Drozdowski| 01.09.2012 http://www.gibson.co...zard-0107-2012/
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