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Found 4 results

  1. First off, I just want to say thank you to everyone that has downloaded or listened to the new Listen to This Erik 6/21/77 show and submitted their thoughts on the various websites. I am completely blown away and incredibly stoked that so many people are enjoying the show. I wanted to provide a little context into how this whole recording came to be released now. This recording has been very very special to me for many years. Luckily, after listening to the original for a few months, I transferred the recording to a second tape and never played the original again until it was played by JEMS
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54AVNQK2vYo&t=2s&fbclid=IwAR06ldko6TNItIIpS2603c91CWRXL8Lp4-VGdTfUn5rmM1vZ73hxhL3HPHM Any hardcore Led Zeppelin fan knows a bit about the story of Mike (the Mike) Millard and the famous LA Forum recordings of Led Zeppelin (among many others). But very few people really know much about the real Millard and much has been made of his "eccentricities". But at the end of the day, Mike the Mike is a legend and this trailer for an upcoming short documentary not only reveals a bit about the person but also delves into how he was able to get such incredible
  3. I just recently purchased the Japanese version of my own recording known as Listen to This Erik. They have filled in the missing parts with Listen to This Eddie parts. I think it's pretty cool. I just posted a copy of it on my Youtube channel gbauer10. Feel free to download it right away. Who knows how long it will last. Enjoy.
  4. Here is one of 2 versions that I have posted on my youtube channel- gbauer10. This version is the restored, mastered version that is just the same as it was on tape . The only cuts are from tape flips and f'ups. A second version is also available with the recording cut up into songs. I hope you enjoy this new version of an epic concert. While you're checking out the video also be sure to check out some of my other video's as well. There are a ton of concert video videos (mostly shot up close in the pit. They Include Springsteen, Pearl Jam, U2, Dead and Company at the Fillmore, Neil Youn
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