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  1. I posted this in the master forum, but with hindsight I think it's better served in this category as it discussed nothing but live songs, haha. ok, lets try this again: This was an effort that was sparked the day of the O2 concert. Zeppelin was going to play a song they’ve never done live before, in any way. Zep fans such as yourself boiled it down to 4 songs, if I recall correctly; when accounting for various reunions etc. This got me wondering how many different live songs do I have in my catalogue. This led to all kinds of discoveries. One of which is just how many songs were not played live in the Bonham years. I believe we were meant to get more, but the ’75, ’77, and ’80 tours were each cut short due to separate tragedies. I believe those tours would have transitioned to include more songs, from the latter albums, as those tours would have progressed. Regardless, of the songs they did perform, I had a poor 2/3, at best. Then I turned to the internet, where I discovered that nearly all of their concerts were available on line, which blew me away. I thought I was going to have to hunt them down in the one record store left in town that might have any bootlegs. I must have been stuck under an internet rock to not have realized what was available this whole time. Regardless, this massive project finally got underway. I started out tracking down my missing live songs. With so much available, this turned into finding the best version of those songs. Then I turned my focus to this project, finding the best version of each live performance they did and make a massive playlist (or mix tape…does anyone else still listen to those?). This morphed into a huge endeavor that grew a life of it’s own and became a massive best of “concert”. While best means something different to each fan here, I tried to focus on sound quality over anything else…which thankfully still leaves a lot! Then I focused on the best version of. My search also dug up a lot of non-studio songs they only performed live. I assume they were all covers, like Blueberry Hill, but some I’ve never heard at all. So I collected those along the way and picked up over 20 songs, which are included in this “concert”. I like the historical accuracy of including them; because it’s something they did do a lot live. Not to mention it makes this concert longer. And who doesn’t want an epically long Zeppelin concert? Well, maybe not the fans at Knebworth (who apparently waited outdoors for a very long time to see all the concerts), but probably the rest of us. Some cover songs I dropped were either poor in quality or I just didn’t like them. The good covers also increased the song variety and further break up multiple versions of some of their best stuff. I mean, how does one decide that TSRTS Stairway is so much better than the '77 LA Forum Stairways as to cut one over the other? I couldn’t do it, so several versions of a few songs made the cut, as they differ so much. SIBLY, WLL, CB, HMMT, and Heartbreaker show up a few times, so these ~20 cover tunes keeps it from sounding too repetitive as well. Because of quality, a lot of the performances below are from the official releases: Olympia, BBC Sessions, HTWWW, TSRTS, and even a few from Celebration Day. Familiarity of my old CD boots has influenced this as well, so some concerts' songs show up more; I make no apologies, haha. I really want this full, best of “Concert” to be a charge to listen to, from start to end. And in the end it’s just shy of 15 hours! When I set out to assemble the set list, I didn’t intend on it being chronological, but it mostly morphed that way. The early stuff just sounds better amongst itself. Ditto that the mid years and then the latter years. There are exceptions throughout, heck, the whole set list starts off in the O2 Arena. But if it’s one thing I’ve learned about Zeppelin is they cannot fit into any one box. There is no rule that defines this band. They were just too creative to make any logistic sense out of them. Which is what makes them the best rock ARTists I’ve ever heard. One problem, I found the ‘best’ versions tended to be played in the later years. So there are things that appear out of order, so again, try to no think of this as a chronological set list. Example, in the Set B Dazed melodies The Crunge, which wasn’t even created yet….or was it? Heck, half of Physical Graffiti was made during their early concert touring years, but just didn’t fit other albums, so hopefully this isn’t too painful for ya. But really, this was a function of picking the best of versions and then evenly distributing them amongst the whole; which ended up being 109 songs! This took me roughly a year to pull off, and even still I didn’t digest all of the material. I covered their well known or best live concerts. I’ve scoured many "best of" posts or recommendations on this Forum. I took feedback from my first cut at this about 6 months ago. I’d also like to give a big shout out to Mike Fry [check out his 50th Anniversary Box Set post as well as many others] who’s done some pretty cool Zep stuff. A solid portion of the tunes below have his finger print on them in one way or another, from song recommendations to having better quality version than I had to even the editing app Audacity. I can definitely say this project would not have been nearly as good without his assistance! This site makes people, literally, across the world become cool Zep allies! I ended up breaking down the 109 song set list into 7 different sets; each set I tried to have listen as a mini concert within the whole massive concert. This wasn’t easy, and there were many musical struggles along the way. I had to compromise one cool version over another, and had to get creative doing so. To minimize some repeated songs I created B Sides to some songs and combos for others. I tried to edit everything as best I could so one song blends to the next as though you were actually listening to a fluid concert. Hopefully you’ll like a few of the hidden gems I threw in, here and there, along the way. I also took quite a few liberties with WLL that you’ll either like or hate me for. All of this is explained in each set below. Set G is much longer than the others. I couldn’t make it work as separate sets, the flow wasn’t there. So this massive concert suitably finishes off with a massive final set. I’ve referenced where each song comes from. Most of these songs are from the CD releases or from a dozen of their better overall shows; these are referenced by concert name or CD acronym. The remainder are referenced directly. Hopefully this is easy to follow. Each mini set has a bit of a descriptor of it’s songs. Enjoy! Set A Most of this set is targeted at songs created in 1968-69. Some of the better versions included here were played later on though. And some songs seemed to fit well in Set A too, which happens throughout all of these sets. Again, this wasn't supposed to be chronological, it just mostly ended up this way. Try not to get too fixated on the song year being out of place, otherwise this whole thing might drive you bonkers, haha. I also cut A13 down to mostly just the melodies for two reasons. Firstly, the 'studio' part of WLL was of poor quality, but the melodies were in much better condition…and just sounds cool. Secondly, there is a lot of WLL influence throughout this whole project (no surprise as it influenced nearly all of their concerts) so I didn’t feel too guilty cutting it off, knowing it comes back several times elsewhere. A1 Good Times Bad Times – Celebration Day A2 I Can't Quit You Baby – Live At Olympia CD A3 The Train Kept A Rollin’ – Texas Pop Festival A4 I Gotta Move – Stockholm March 14, 1969 A5 Sitting And Thinking – Fillmore West A6 As Long As I Have You - Fillmore West A7 White Summer/Black Mountain Side – Live At Olympia CD A8 Killing Floor/Lemon Song – Fillmore West A9 Pat’s Delight – Fillmore West A10 The Girl She Got Long Brown Wavy Hair – BBC Sessions CD A11 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You – Whiskey A Go Go A12 Your Time Is Gonna Come, WLL excerpt - Tokyo Sep 24, 1971 A13 WLL Melodies - Osaka A14 You Shook Me – Live At Olympia CD A15 How Many More Times – Fillmore West A16 Communication Breakdown – Live On Blueberry Hill Set B This set is aiming towards 1970 songs. I didn’t mean for a lot of consecutive concert songs to be presented here together, it sort of happened that way organically. B5,6,7,8 then B12,13, ditto B15,16. I just started arranging them together and eventually realized they're from the same moment in time. Happy coincidences I guess. B1 We’re Gonna Groove – Royal Albert Hall B2 C’mon Everybody – Royal Albert Hall B3 The Girl Can’t Help It – New York, evening Sept 19, 1970 B4 Something Else – BBC Sessions CD B5 Out on the Tiles – Live On Blueberry Hill B6 Bron-Yr-Aur – Live On Blueberry Hill B7 Since I've Been Loving You – Live On Blueberry Hill B8 Organ Solo – Live On Blueberry Hill B9 Thank You – BBC Sessions CD B10 Ramble On – Celebration Day B11 What Is and What Should Never Be – BBC Sessions CD B12 Bring It On Home – HTWWW CD B13 Dazed and Confused – HTWWW CD B14 Heartbreaker – Earls Court B15 Whole Lotta Love – Live on Blueberry Hill B16 Blueberry Hill – Live On Blueberry Hill Set C In this somewhat 1971 set I did another WLL melodies. The first part of WLL HTWWW was very similar to TSRTS and others, so I cut it and focused on the material that was totally new, knowing what was cut would show up it the other sets. I wanted to not have WLL in every set list as to not get too sick of it, or to let it overshadow the play time from the other shorter songs. Please keep in mind, this thing was 18+ hrs at one point, so some things did have to go. C1 Immigrant Song – HTWWW CD C2 Celebration Day – TSRTS CD (original) C3 Long Tall Sally – Royal Albert Hall C4 The Lemon Song – Whisky A Go Go C5 Friends – Osaka September 29, 1971 C6 That's the Way – HTWWW CD C7 Gallows Pole – Copenhagen May 3, 1971 C8 Four Sticks – Copenhagen May 3,1971 C9 WLL Excerpt – HTWWW CD, Cut ~10 mins, starts w Millionaire C10 Stairway to Heaven – TSRTS CD (original) C11 How Many More Times – Texas Pop Festival Set D This is sort of a 1972 set that begins to transition into 1973. Note, the some songs were seldom played live, so good sound quality or cool versions don't exist, but to me they are still a must have for this project. D6 is one of those cases. This set has the first B Side song. This only occurs three times in this overall best of ‘concert’. It was a way I could reduce the song repetition, while not entirely throwing a song away. The idea is, sometimes listen to the overall Concert as shown. Switch it up other times by swapping out D5a with D5b. I’ve edited them to flow with their sets, so you can just slip the B Sides in or out as you please. D1 Communication Breakdown – BBC CD D2 Dancing Days – HTWWW CD D3 Money – Frankfurt June 30, 1980 D4 Louie Louie – HTWWW bootleg LA June 25, 1972 D5a Over the Hills and Far Away – Snow Job D6 Black Country Woman – Seattle June 19, 1972 D7 Bron-Y-Aur Stomp – Destroyer D8 Travelling Riverside Blues – BBC Sessions CD D9 Misty Mountain Hop – TSRTS CD (2007) D10 Since I've Been Loving You – TSRTS CD (2007) D11 Stand By Me – Osaka Oct 9 1972 D12 Rock and Roll – HTWWW CD Set E The songs I had amalgamated for this set started to eerily look a bit like the 1973 TSRTS, so I went with it. I think E5 is the only real exception, otherwise it somewhat follows the order of the original NYC set list. While D12 finishes off Set D, it helps blend into the start of Set E being the concert opener in ’73. E9 has another B Side. The 1973 WLLs were very good, in my opinion. I just couldn’t delete E9b, but again, had to reduce the WLLs; I had around 10 really good versions at one point. And this was after cutting a bunch. E1 Black Dog – HTWWW CD E2 The Song Remains the Same – TSRTS CD (original) E3 The Rain Song – TSRTS CD (original) E4 No Quarter – Snow Job E5 The Crunge – WLL excerpt Dallas Mar 5, 1975 E6 Dazed and Confused – TSRTS CD (original) E7 Stairway to Heaven – Last Concert E8 Moby Dick – HTWWW CD E9A Whole Lotta Love – Detroit July 13, 1973 E10 The Ocean – HTWWW CD E11 Thank You – NYC July 27, 1973 Set F This is aimed at songs that were played or existed in some way in 1975 and is attempted to feature Physical Graffiti a bit. F6 and F10 are excellent versions provided by Mike Fry, really cool listens. I added a small touch to F10, hopefully it's not noticed, which would mean I blended it well. F1 Going to California w Custard Pie interlude – Houston May 21,1977 F2 Trampled Under Foot – Earls Court F3 In My Time of Dying – '77 LA Show 4 F4 Sick Again – Snow Job F5 Sex Machine, WLL Excerpt – Inglewood Mar 25, 1975 F6 Night Flight (Rehearsal) – Chicago July 7, 1973 F7 The Wanton Song – Chicago Jan 20, 1975 F8 When the Levee Breaks – Chicago Jan 20, 1975 F9 Since I've Been Loving You – Last Concert F10 Tangerine – Earls Court combo 18th & 24th F11 White Summer – Royal Albert Hall F12 Kashmir – Destroyer F13 WLL/Rock And Roll – '77 LA Show 3 Set G The final set is focused on live material they played after 1975 and then also has some very cool versions of a lot of their earlier stuff. There’s a lot of songs, and each version tends to be long, culminating in a nearly four and a half hour grand finale! The last B Side is here with G26. So many good versions of Trampled, I just wish they played it earlier on so I could have added G26b elsewhere in the set list; but it just doesn’t jive with the early stuff, so B Side it is. Set G originally was a 1977 set and the 'Set H' was their latter years. Not only did I have set list flow problems, but Sets G&H were almost the same as they didn't really add a lot of new material in 1979/80; likely because so few concerts were actually played. So I scrapped Set H and squished a lot into the now bigger Set G, which I find is a much better listen. A note on NQ; This is such an artsy concert song, that at a first listen, almost every version sounds unique, which did not make this song easy on me. I literally listened to about 12 NQ versions, multiple times over, for a week straight. And at ~30 mins each, that was an undertaking, haha. Surprisingly, I did start to hear faint similar themes in some of the versions, so I was able to reduce it finally to the few that made this Concert. I also ended up merging two versions together. Firstly it cut down the overall NQ playing time in this already 15 hr concert. But secondly, the start of my June 11 version is cut off (I later found the full recording). So merging it with the first half of Destroyers NQ and finishing it off with the June 11 show worked really well, I felt. This was another way I could reduce the repeat occurrences of NQ while keeping the creativity of the each. For similar reasons, I did this with Stairway as well in this set, I hope you like this what I did here too. A note on WLL; Firstly, there’s 2 versions in this set. But the 1980 version is so different, that G13 and G27 are hardly the same song…and I spaced them out by over 2 hrs, so I hope it’s not too much WLL. Lastly, I had another version of The Crunge in my pile of songs I liked, but had no place left for it to go. So I decided to extend WLL by adding it to the Crunge portion of the song. I don’t expect most will like this, but it is nice to have the final song of the long final set of this massive concert to be a bit longer than just 14 minutes. G1 Heartbreaker – '77 LA Show 1 G2 Black Dog – Snow Job G3 It’ll Be Me – Fort Worth May 22, 1977 w Mick Ralph of Bad Co. G4 Black Country Woman – Destroyer G5 Hot Dog – Rotterdam June 21, 1980 G6 The Battle of Evermore – Destroyer G7 Nobody's Fault but Mine – Destroyer G8 Ten Years Gone – Destroyer G9 Since I’ve Been Loving You – '77 LA Show 1 G10 How Many More Times – BBC CD G11 That’s Alright Mama, w D’Yer Mak’er interlude – '77 LA Show 5 G12 Communication Breakdown, w D’Yer Mak’er melody– Earls Court G13 Whole Lotta Love – Last Concert G14 Over The Top, Out On The Tiles intro – Destroyer G15 The Ocean – TSRTS CD (2007) G16 All My Love – Last Concert G17 For Your Life – Celebration Day G18 Achilles Last Stand – Brussels June 20, 1980 G19 No Quarter – Combo first 16 mins Destroyer + last 26 mins NYC June 11, 1977 G20 In My Time of Dying – NYC June 7, 1977 G21 Over The Hills And Far Away – '77 LA Show 1 G22 Stairway To Heaven – Combo of 80% '77 LA Show 3 + 20% Destroyer G23 We Shall Over Come – Osaka September 28, 1971 G24 Kashmir – '77 LA Show 1 G25 In the Evening – Last Concert G26A Trampled Under Foot – Destroyer G27 Whole Lotta Love – Combo of TSRTS (Original), with The Crunge Seattle Mar 21, 1975 B Sides Again, the idea here is to slip these versions in and out of their respective places in the set lists. If I get more cool version ideas from you all, I will likely extend the B Sides, but we'll see how this goes. I do hope this post takes off a bit in this forum and I get a lot of constructive responses. I may add a really cool Youtube We're Gonna Groove version to the B Sides if I can get around to it. D5b Over the Hills and Far Away – Inglewood Mar 27, 1975 E9b Whole Lotta Love – Offenburg March 24, 1973 G26b Trampled Under Foot – Brussels June 20, 1980 Reference Concerts Songs used multiple times in the set lists from these concerts are referenced by the concert name. Here are their date and location details. Whisky A Go Go - LA Jan 5, 1969 Fillmore West - San Francisco April 27, 1969 Texas Pop Festival - Dallas August 31, 1969 Royal Albert Hall - London Jan 9, 1970 Live On Blueberry Hill - Inglewood, September 4, 1970 Osaka - September 29, 1971 Earls Court - London, May 25, 1975 Snow Job - Vancouver March 19, 1975 Destroyer - Cleveland April 27, 1977 LA Forum 1977 Concerts '77 LA Show 1 - June 21, Listen To This Eddie '77 LA Show 3 - June 23 '77 LA Show 4 - June 25 '77 LA Show 5 - June 26 Last Concert - Berlin July 7, 1980 Celebration Day - London December 10, 2007 As best I can tell, these songs were never performed live by Led Zeppelin. I’m kinda hoping someone will show me a rare performance that I missed. Boogie with Stu – Never performed Candy Store Rock – Never performed Carouselambra – Never performed, only a sample soundcheck Custard Pie – Never performed Down by the Seaside – Never performed D'yer Mak'er – Sampled but never performed Fool in the Rain – Never performed Hats Off to (Roy) Harper – Never performed Hots On for Nowhere – Never performed Houses of the Holy – Never performed I'm Gonna Crawl – Never performed In the Light – Never performed Living Loving Maid – Never performed live Night Flight – Never performed, only a soundcheck Royal Orleans – Never performed South Bound Saurez – Never performed Tea for One – Never performed The Rover – Sampled in '77 concerts but never fully performed; there is a few soundchecks Got any favourite versions of their live performances? I’d love to hear them. Again, I didn't go over all of their material, rather I focused on their legacy concerts and recommendations in the Forum from you folks. So surely I've missed some gems. If I get enough feedback, I may make a Take 3. Hopefully this collection is pretty solid though, it represents over a year of effort. Don’t like my set list? Take this set list and then make it your own. Remove what you don’t like and put in what ya do. The above should at the very least make a very good starting point for ya. Overall, as I’ve been listening to these versions (amongst many, many others) for over a year now, I am STILL not sick of it. Man, this band is just too good. If you start a project, I strongly recommend good record keeping from day 1. A few versions I didn’t record which concert they were from…it took me forever to figure it all back out. It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s still 1 or 2 errors up there. But I guess you'll have to listen to it to find out! DM me and I'll send you the downloadable links. Cheers, Brad
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