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Found 5 results

  1. I love this version of the song! Does anyone have a tab of how Jimmy plays it here? I can never get this one right. I can play the regular song, but the way he does this version.... I just don't know. Thanks!
  2. Since people have been talking about already receiving their Led Zeppelin remastered sets, I guess it is time to set up separate threads for us to discuss each album's merits and our thoughts and reviews on the music, the bonus tracks, the remastering job, the packaging, all the bells and whistles...pro and con. This is the Led Zeppelin II thread. Let me be clear...this is for your reaction to the actual product. Not what you heard on youtube or third-hand from a friend's phone. Also, no press reviews please...there is already a thread for those in the news section. This thread is for
  3. Hi all I've just bought a new Led Zeppelin II vinyl double disc remaster on Amazon from a company in Australia (for just £19) and it was sent to me in the UK by airmail via Hong Kong. It turned up and was all well packaged and sealed and looks perfect but when I opened it, disc one is the correct Led Zeppelin II disc but has the Led Zeppelin I label. Anyone else experienced this? It sounds great to me so I'm sure it's not a bootleg edition or anything, but is this unique? Does this make it a real collector's item? Or doesn't it make any difference? Or have I been ripped off? I don't really
  4. I assume everyone knows by now that Page is releasing three albums per year of remasters that also contain unheard cuts/mixes and some actual new songs that have been previously unreleased. Wondering if some of them will be worth buying? From the first three albums, the only one worth a purchase looks to be Led Zeppelin III, having most of all the songs in alternate mixes along with new songs. Led Zeppelin II has different versions and that one new song called "LaLa", which I was planning on just listening to on youtube once it comes out (I'm sure someone will upload it). Also wondering if
  5. This was back in 2011, but it's still quite interesting how a guy simply woke up one day and decided to mold his future name after the magnitude of LZ LINK: http://www.musicradar.com/us/news/guitars/cool-64-year-old-man-changes-his-name-to-led-zeppelin-ii-498123 His motive - "to be a better person than I used to be"
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