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Found 6 results

  1. I just read about a new pending lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven, and wanted to give my opinion. It's not the first time LZ has been sued, and probably won't be the last. Here's a link to the article at Businessweek. Note 1: I didn't proofread, edit, or spellcheck this. This is the web, FTLOG. Let the errors go. Note 2: This is one man's opinion. There's a detailed story in Businessweek about the latest copyright infringement lawsuit against Led Zeppelin, one of my favorite bands. I've read most of the biographies and sagas about LZ, plus I have all their music and videos. With that level
  2. Can anyone point me towards articles (both primary and secondary sources) that describe Led Zeppelin's influence on popular music? Although their influence is well known, it is not well documented and as such is hard to find evidence. (I'm doing a small research paper on them and their influence/effect on popular up until the 90s). Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I am after some help. I have a copy of Led Zeppelin (IV) Untitled album: Matrix / Runout (A-side runout, hand-etched): WEA 50008-A2 PF It is labelled as side B on both sides. All information is identical for side B. Has anyone come across this before? I cannot find a reference to it anywhere. Also would it affect the value in any way? Many thanks in advance!
  4. Early bird shopping at Amoeba this morning and I just scored a 'Pecko Duck'(or Porky Pecko) pressing of Led Zeppelin IV for $20! YES!!! SD 7208 It says # ST-A-712285-MO/ ST-A-712286-MO on the label but the run-off groove shows the letters DD instead of MO. There's a lot of glare but you can just make out the PECKO DUCK in the run-off groove.
  5. The artist who painted the hermit and was rumored to have painted the cover painting of IV has died in Switzerland. EDIT: From an "Un-Official" Zeppelin Twitter– http://goo.gl/rah24c His style should look familiar– http://goo.gl/Cxs2Bw Here is his IV artwork, The Hermit– http://goo.gl/1Lw7p7
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