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Found 6 results

  1. Is anyone keeping an updated list of all the soundboard bootlegs in circulation? Not a Top 10 or 20 or whatever, but simply a proper list of what is out there... Help?
  2. Hi, I always found really interesting to hear the first performance of songs because we can really see how the public react to something they hear for the first time and sometimes the lyric or the way they perform is different. So I think it's a good idea to make a list of the first performance of Led Zeppelin songs. To make it easier, I'll edit this post and I'll make a list by album. Please note : After 24h I'll not be able to edit my first post, so I'll post an update in the next page, so stand tuned ! example : Good time bad time : [date/link of the bootleg] ... If t
  3. I’ve put together a list of the top 6400 rock songs from 1950-2012. These are based on the results of 37 other top rock lists that I got off the internet and then I added the scores for all the songs, which were based upon how often and how high each song ranked on various lists. So these aren’t my personal opinions, and I definitely don’t agree with everything on the list. But I have discovered lots of great songs in putting this together. http://toprocksongs1950-2012.blogspot.ca/ Nirvana beat out Led Zeppelin for the top spot. I don’t agree with it, but that’s the way it goes
  4. This afternoon have been released the survey results of Planet Rock on the best songs in the history of Rock and Stairway to Heaven has managed to place first. http://www.rockthebestmusic.com/2012/08/las-100-mejores-canciones-rock-de-la.html
  5. Last March a total of 26 people involved in the rock world Stairvay chosen as the best song ever. List of 25 best songs ever. Kashmir and When the Levee Breaks are also named on the list. http://www.rockthebe...a-historia.html
  6. The results of a survey conducted in Spain to 71 people related to rock, like Led Zeppelin are the bestg roup in history. List of the top 100 groups in rock history: http://www.rockthebe...storia-del.html
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