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Found 6 results

  1. A couple of months ago I started to pull out the MSG 1973 tabs by ear and they really fit me, if you want any of them to send an email 😊 hugofissh@gmail.com
  2. So I've been inspired by the ongoing Metallica Deluxe Edition series (which features the original album, riff tapes, demo tapes, rough mixes, and about 3-6 concerts per album). This got me thinking: which concerts could go into a Led Zeppelin version of this? This is what I have so far (official albums or parts of album are in bold, projects I've done that would be included are underlined, general concerts that needs specification are in italics) Led Zeppelin: Gladsaxe '69, Paris '69, misc. BBC '69 Led Zeppelin II: RAH '70 Led Zeppelin III: Led Zeppelin IV: BBC '71, Japan '71, UK '71, Australasia '72?, LA '72 Houses of the Holy: Japan '72, UK '72/'73, Euro '73, NYC '73 Physical Graffiti: Chicago '75?, Baton Rouge '75, Seattle '75, Earl's Court '75 Presence: Landover '77, Seattle '77, In Through the Out Door: Knebworth '79, Berlin '80 I'm shooting for 5-7 concerts for LZ1, LZ2, LZ4, HotH; 2-3 for LZ3; 3-5 for P.G. Presence and ITtOD. Concerts can be conglomerated in multiple nights like How the West Was Won and The Song Remains the Same or like my Earls Court '75 and Landover '77 videos on my YouTube. Tour eras I'm shooting for: Led Zeppelin I: Scandinavia '68 to North America Summer '69 Led Zeppelin II: European Autumn '69 to N.A. Spring '70 Led Zeppelin III: Iceland, Bath, & German '70 & N.A. Summer '70 Led Zeppelin IV: UK Spring '71 to N.A. '72 Houses of the Holy: Japan '72 to N.A. '73 Physical Graffiti: N.A. '75 & Earl's Court '75 Presence: North America 1977 In Through the Out Door: Copenhagen 1979 to Europe 1980 (Coda: '85, '88, '95, & '07)
  3. I've only been around forums like this for about a year, and I've only been a Zeppelin fan for about 2 so I'm not the most knowledgeable on stuff like this. Sorry if this is common knowledge or whatever. My question is pretty simple: Is there any possibility there are more multi track recordings of the group than we know? For instance, how long did we know about the NA '72 multi-tracks or the Southampton '73 multi-track before they saw some type of release? Was the Zeppelin fanbase in shock when Page announced they'd be using these shows, or was it expected these shows would eventually be heard in this quality? I believe I saw a list on this site once of all multi-tracked shows that went something like this: 10/17/69 - Carnegie Hall (Although from what I've read since it seems as if there's nothing here) 1/9/70 - Royal Albert Hall: Partially released on the Led Zeppelin DVD 9/23/71 - Tokyo 9/24/71 - Tokyo 9/28/71 - Osaka 9/29/71 - Osaka 6/25/72 - L.A. Forum: Released on How the West Was Won 6/27/72 - Long Beach: Released on How the West Was Won 1/23/73 - Southampton: Leaked and widely available 7/23/73 - Baltimore: I've read in a few places that this one (and the following night) was rumored to have been multi-tracked. 7/24/73 - Pittsburgh 7/27/73 - Madison Square Garden: Released on The Song remains the Same soundtrack 7/28/73 - Madison Square Garden: Released on The Song remains the Same soundtrack 7/29/73 - Madison Square Garden: Released on The Song remains the Same soundtrack 5/17/75 - Earl's Court: This and the following night people seem tentative on whether they were recorded or not. Do we have a definitive answer on this? 5/18/75 - Earl's Court 5/23/75 - Earl's Court: Partially released on the Led Zeppelin DVD (I think? I believe I've heard people hesitant on whether we've seen film from this show or not. I'm not exactly huge on the EC shows so I've never looked into it) 5/24/75 - Earl's Court: Partially released on the Led Zeppelin DVD 5/25/75 - Earl's Court: Partially released on the Led Zeppelin DVD 8/4/79 - Knebworth Festival: Partially released on the Led Zeppelin DVD 8/11/79 - Knebworth Festival: Partially released on the Led Zeppelin DVD Have any of these gigs I listed more tentatively been proven true or false that they were multi-tracked? And how long did it take the fanbase to glean the info on these performances to determine this? Again, I'm asking this simply because I wonder if it's possible that there are multi-tracked performances we have no clue about.
  4. So I settled the debate of which night is better, August 4th and August 11th. The answer is both! I took the two nights and merged them into a sort of "Super Knebworth" show. I put countless hours into this. I think it came out as good as I could make it! I'll have details of what is played on what night in the video description at a date in the near future.
  5. I'm trying to gather shows from all tours and showcase them as a sort of "what if there were 4 to 6 concerts on each deluxe edition release." I'm having a bit of trouble picking a night for this tour. This would be attached to Led Zeppelin II. More info on my project here. Quality of the concert aside, what are your favorites from tour?
  6. Could be just wishful thinking but I believe there has to be at least a couple of partial 73 boards being hoarded like maybe June 3 in l.a
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