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Found 2 results

  1. I know there's an interest among some on this forum concerning the "occult" or magic....I've wondered why people still use this term. The dictionary definitions of magic are several, but mostly seem to focus on the "supernatural" which, by definition, does not exist. However, many aspects of "magical" (or magickal) practice in fact exist in other fields including my own of psychotherapy as well as in religious practice: 1. Casting spells. Hypnosis, EMDR, meditation--all induce trance states during which people are susceptible to suggestions that can change their emotions and behavior. Is not this the same as casting a spell? 2. Possession: The branch of psychoanalytic theory known as Object Relations holds that people carry internal representations of important people in their lives and that these internal representations become part of the personality. In fact one of the goals sometimes is that the patient will internalize the therapist. Religious faith and perhaps even fandom, including Led Zeppelin fandom, involve idealization and identification, and may also create new internal objects. 3. Exorcism: Getting rid of inner "demons" or more specifically, the bad internal objects, is what a lot of psychotherapy is about. 4. Rituals and incantations: Aspects of many religious practices. Slogans/Serenity Prayer of 12-step groups. Sports fandom is full of rituals. Rituals and incantations can induce altered states of consciousness, better self-esteem through new identifications, etc. None of this is supernatural but in fact a natural capability of humans. Why is it that we mystify what is totally natural? Perhaps some people want to believe that there is something out there that can't be understood or explained...probably there is, such as why the universe exists, but human behavior and events on this earth are totally explicable. There is nothing supernatural about them.
  2. Hello, my name is Zzenn and I have been a fan of the 'current of Zep' since around the age of 10, I'm now 52. My spiritual journey became strangely entwined with Zeppelin, specifically with the song "Stairway to Heaven." I published a book on the crazy synchronicities I experienced which culminated in a full kundalini release while listening to 'Stairway'. This lasted 5 weeks, bringing me through some very very odd experiences with the lyrics of that song. I wonder if anyone has had experiences along the same lines. The release happened the weekend of the fire in Sedona AZ where their were rings of smoke through the trees and the stores were all closed to name a few strange coincidences. The timing of the whole thing was so extreme that I had to write a book on it. It seems to me that the 'essence' of the current of Zep was always about magick and activating the kundalini in humanity . . . so, I got the pearl and many other secrets. I hope this topic is of some interest.
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