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Found 3 results

  1. How much of that 2nd source exists? Of course, the Millard recording is glorious and one of the All-Time Greats, but this 2nd source isn't bad. Would love to hear it if more exists. Very interested in finding it if anyone knows.
  2. Page vs Millard. I prefer Millard, warts and all. I was listening to selections from LA 1977/June 22 & 26 today. Rough as ever but a little more polished than the versions I first heard about 5 years ago. Better still with my headphones. I started comparing the 2 shows to the June 21st/23rd. What a fantastic pair for the best week of live Zeppelin. 6 sold concerts. A week even better than any 6 consecutive days of Europe 73. All capped off by Mike Millard, his 2 "amateur" recordings, 21/23, one of which, by common forum consensus, should be on any top must-hear-live 5 list. For a band that performed 100s of concerts, an anomoly. There are very few official live recordings. That I wish would change, expect will change, but understand. Jimmy Page wants to add something unique, something the bootleggers haven't created. More professionally recorded shows exist, and yet, I'm not hopeful as I should be. Consider what's been done. For what we have, more often than not, they do not make the grade for a top 5 recommended live recordings. Even the French radio program I haven't listened to from the official 2014 releases, and I haven't found a good reason to do so. How wonderful it would be if a Mike Millard recording ever turns up for the 22nd/26th, given the fantastic job he did with what's out there. And given the strength of 22/26 in the form they are now - one may become a new top 5 if released. To take one song - I'm not sure that the best No Quarter for that week wouldn't be the 22nd. Then I got a little angry, confused. How could one man, impersonating a handicap, with no equipment other than what he hid under a wheelchair, do more for me, to present live Zeppelin at their collective best, with a great audience rapport, than Jimmy Page, with all his expertise as a studio musician, with all his professional equipment, with all his skilled collaborators - i.e. Kramer and Shirley? Most of my store-bought live albums sit on the shelf. What am I missing from the official releases, RAH, BBC sessions, HTWWW, TSRTS? Is JP making a mistake by not releasing unknown shows in their primal form because they have the raw, unfinished form of a Mike Millard tape? Should JP make a search for "lost" bootlegs, as he did for the official DVD, and release those with no touch ups? Maybe l should listen to the official live releases again, but when I do, I always go back to the "amateur" recordings, as I'm doing now with 1977 NYC. If someone can point a preference to JP's production of live material, I might find something that I've missed. Thanks.
  3. Hello all. I was wondering if anyone had specific I.D. information about the Eddie Edwards source which was originally combined with mike millard's tapes. the most information i've been able to garner about it is the following: ""Eddie Edwards "Trampled Underfoot" 1st Gen cassette of vinyl transfer"". Now, granted, I have yet to scour the earth for it, but I have put quite a spot of time into my search now and so far as I can tell, either this source completely no longer exists, or I'm doing a really bad job of dissecting the semantics of that sentence, which came from a description in the Winston Remasters. I have also found evidence that there was a release of... trying to remember... i think it may have even just been "For BadgeHolders Only", but was released on a label called Balboa, and is apparently the only non-Millard complete source without unforgivable issues such as single-channel dropouts, etc. I thought perhaps this could possibly be the "vinyl transfer" mentioned in the Winston Remasters, but have not found a way to confirm that, nor have I been able to find this Balboa release in the first place. Bottom Line: Does anyone have any information about that vinyl transfer mentioned in the Winston Remasters, or even just have any knowledge to add concerning lowest-gen-as-possible Eddie Edwards source? Because this is literally everything I got, and it ain't much. The winston remaster wasn't done that long ago, right? So it's unlikely we're talking about something that time has swallowed forever, one would think. Anyway thank you in advance; I figured if I was going to ask the question anywhere, it should be here.
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