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Found 4 results

  1. Here is my first YouTube video devoted to breaking down and demonstrating Bonzo's drumming on the Royal Albert Hall version of Moby Dick. I just posted part 2 today as well. My video channel name is BONHAMOLOGY. I am also nearly done with the complete studio catalog. I only have two songs left, Moby Dick ( studio version) and Hot Dog. There are also well numerous live versions, a complete 1973 style set list of video drum covers, as well as many instructional lesson videos. Check out my playlists on the YouTube channel.
  2. I hadn't played Moby Dick live in front of an audience for over 33 years, but I had a blast playing with my high school rock band Nuclear Waste, in a fundraiser for our old school's music department ( Lane Tech in Chicago). My friend Terry aka BONZOLEUM was on hand and recorded it. He has a youtube channel dedicated to Bonham fanatics worldwide. He posts very entertaining and informative videos analyzing and discussing Bonzo's playing , equipment etc... ( and some other drummers as well). Hope some of you Zep nuts enjoy it. P.S. The actual tune starts about two minutes after Terry's entertaining intro.
  3. I borrowed the DVD for 02 years ago from the local library. I am certain it had an extras section that had Jason playing along to a video projection of Moby Dick from Madison Square Gardens. I have never been able to find the concert DVD again with this in it. Don't know if it was a special edition or what, does the current release have this bit deleted, or have I mistaken it from something else? Maybe the Australian release was edited? Thanks.
  4. One of my favourite parts of any show, especially in '75, is Plant's introduction of Bonham prior to "Pat's Delight"/"Moby Dick"/"Over The Top". So, I'm curious what your favourites are. Try to transcribe if possible. I'll start: While 6/21/77 is a classic, I'll go with March 20, 1975 in Vancouver: "Right, now it's our pleasure to feature one of the more...perhaps...probably the most gentle man in rock music today. A man who spends his time looking at photographs of butterflies and thinking of the times when. A man I've known for eleven years of my life, and I could never say for a moment that I've regretted one of those moments with him. A man who doesn't wash under his arms. *Bonham cackles* A man who's a stinking, rotten, dirty pig. Ladies and gentlemen, my friend and yours, John Bonham, 'Moby Dick'!"
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