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Found 6 results

  1. This is a matrix of the Tarantura Witch Queen soundboard and audience sources. I thought I'd share a sample as there has been some discussion on the boards lately about matrix shows , and it's always surprised me there hasn't been a good matrix of this show attempted... as far as I know. It's a great candidate because there is a near complete aud and sbd tape which is unusual for '73 . I did this for my own enjoyment, to try to bring more ambience to the dry board tape of this great show. I'm by no means an audio expert - I just blended the two sources using Audacity ( I know, go ahead ..laugh) . I tried my best to sync them up but there are glitches here and there though I think I did an ok job aligning them. The board is usually dominant in the mix with the audience as a lower mix level support. If anyone really digs this sample I am happy to share the whole thing lossless via WeTransfer.
  2. Legendary New Orleans R&B musician Allen Toussaint, who penned such classics as "Working in a Coal Mine" and "Lady Marmalade," has passed away at age 77 after suffering a heart attack. New Orleans Musician Allen Toussaint Dies at Age 77ABCN.WS|BY ABC NEWS Thanks to the mighty Allen Toussaint for all the music and magic over the years. What a profound influence he had on modern music. One of the great original architects. LBOG is proud to have known and worked with him. And to have always had his songs on our set and records. Here is a shot from a "command performance" of us playing Allen his wonderful "Over You" with fellow disciple Robert Plant at a soundcheck in 2013, while Allen listened from the wings at the Mahalia Jackson Theater. His immaculate catalog of songs and record productions shall live forever.
  3. Robert Plant will be performing once again at The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest) this year. April 26th, 2014. The line-up this year includes an extraordinary list of players, including Eric Clapton, Santana, etc. This will be Robert's third appearance since 2007. Can't wait! (schedule and tickets below) http://www.festivalarchive.com/event/new-orleans-jazz-heritage-festival-2014/
  4. This thread is devoted to all things New Orleans. Please post anything you have relating to the city-as for as Concerts (by any band) , pictures, videos, articles, visits/stories, etc..... http://youtu.be/8vbIjHMcXtI
  5. Hello again Forum members "new" and "old". It's been a while for me. I've finally managed to find some free time to attempt/create a thread specifically for Led Zep and related (Plant solo, Page solo, Jones solo, Page/Plant, The Firm, etc) - archives, strictly dealing with New Orleans. There is "The New Orleans thread" that I assembled way back when, but I prefer this to deal with Zep and related material, "ONLY". Please feel free to contribute (as long as it's New Orleans based) if at all possible. Thanks in advance. With all of the audio/video footage, articles (new and old) that's out there from the New Orleans area, I thought it would be cool to try and archive all of this stuff into one thread. *** 1971 *** Led Zeppelin's first concert (to my knowledge) in New Orleans was August 29th, 1971 @ The Municipal Auditorium. The date ironically was the same as Hurricane Katrina, 34 years later. How strange is that?!! Based off of the incredible audio footage available of the show following this date (in Orlando Florida - 8/29/71) the band must have been "smokin"!!! I wish to God, this was available. I have had no luck in finding it. If anyone has something to add from this performance, please post (Articles, reviews, newspaper clippings, etc.) Side note* A friend from High School told me that his dad saw Zep here earlier than 71' on a Natchez River Boat or something....He swears to this. I don't believe they visited before 71'. There is no evidence of it. If anyone can prove or disprove-please add. *** 1973 *** Led Zeppelin perform @ The Municipal Auditiorium on May14th. The best known bootleg of this show is "The Drag Queen". Below is a clip. Again, feel free to add anything to this. (vids, articles, etc) That goes for any show. *** 1975 *** Led Zeppelin perform @ the LSU Assembly Center on February 28th. The best known bootlegs of this show are "Rampagin' Cajun" and "Freeze". http://youtu.be/XNYjQNixs60 http://youtu.be/QjjqynVQ5-A *** 1977 *** Led Zeppelin perform @ the LSU Assembly Center on May 19th. Only video footage of this show exsist. No audio has surfaced. http://youtu.be/-1J8BGt2968 Later that year, while in New Orleans preparing to play their biggest concert yet - to a sold out show @ The Superdome - Robert Plant receives the phone call that would change his life,,,and the band. It would be very time consuming (more than I have the patience for) to do a chronological deal. Maybe it will turn out that way......with your help? Here (below) is the most recent show from Robert Plant, which happened two nights ago @ the Mahailia Jackson Theatre. July 17th, 2013. I was hoping to write a first hand essay/summary about the show, but there are some really amazing videos- (I'd like to share) that speak for themselves, so there really is no use in me describing the tunes, since this footage is available.(thankfully) However, I will tell you guys that the energy level was very high. I believe it was a sold out show. I have seen Plant roughly 5-6 times since 1988. I've seen better performances from him, but that's not to say this was a "bad" gig. He never disappoints. The band (as good as they are) seem to play a low-key role, making Plant the star of the show, more than the instruments/virtuosity - taking precedence. Some songs were better than others. My favorites from the night were, "The Enchanter", "Tin Pan Valley", 'Fixin to Die", "Friends", "Four Sticks" and "Whole Lotta Love". His voice was strong throughout, and he teased the crowd with some chants and wails from back in the day- giving reference to "that confounded bridge" and screaming "push. push"...The Golden God was there to please. Fell free to add anything to the Archives "new" and "old"..(New Orleans).. and please enjoy the footage from Wednesday night. It "twas" amazing! In the meantime-I'll do my best to keep up with this. See Ya'll. RH
  6. Bill Johnston- founder of the top New Orleans music venue of the 70's, dies at 69. http://www.wwltv.com/news/Bill-Johnston-founder-of-legendary-1970s-Warehouse-music-club-dies-218684801.html NEW ORLEANS - Bill Johnston, the founder of the legendary Tchoupitoulas Street music club known simply as The Warehouse, which hosted Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers, the Who and dozens more rock icons during its heyday, has died. He was 69. His wife Teresa said Johnston had been battling throat cancer since January 2012. Friends, including promoter Louie Duet, helped organize a benefit concert for him earlier this year at The Joy Theater. The club Johnston co-founded, housed in an abandoned 30,000-square-foot cotton warehouse at the corner of Felicity and Tchoupitoulas, wasn’t much on looks or comfort, but as a performance venue saw some of the biggest names in music play there during its 12-year existence. In addition to the Grateful Dead, Dylan and the Allman Brothers, Warehouse headliners over the years included Joe Cocker, the Clash, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart, and the Doors, where Jim Morrison performed the last time before his death. “Anybody who was anybody played there,” remembered Sidney Smith, who joked that he became the unofficial official photographer at the club as a teenager, after attending concerts and meeting Johnston. “Bill was just a gem of a person, friendly and easy to talk to, very approachable. To let a 16-year-old kid in to take pictures and have the kind of access I had certainly shows you that,” Smith said in an interview Wednesday. "The Warehouse really became the Fillmore East and Fillmore West of the south as a result of Bill and the acts he brought here," Smith said, comparing the club to the legendary New York and San Francisco venues. In a 2009 Gambit article highlighting an upcoming film being produced about The Warehouse (also called simply “A Warehouse” on some early tickets and posters), Johnston explained the origins of the club. A New Orleans native, Johnston had worked the bar scene in Chicago in the late 1960s, and remembered a club called Barnaby’s which featured rotating house bands and free fried chicken and wine. “One band called itself The Big Thing, later renamed Chicago Transit Authority, and now known as Chicago. Johnston followed the band to New York City's Fillmore East when it opened for Buddy Miles,” explained writer Alex Woodward. “I was blown away. I hadn't seen anything like that in my life,” Johnston told Gambit. "We didn't have anything like this in New Orleans." Johnston convinced two business partners, along with two roommates, to move to New Orleans and set up shop in the rundown Tchoupitoulas warehouse. The roommates called it quits, but the remaining partners called in lawyer John Simmons and got to work. Ties in Chicago led them to a few booking agencies that landed acts for opening night, including Fleetwood Mac and the Grateful Dead. That was also the weekend the members of the Grateful Dead were famously arrested by New Orleans Police on marijuana charges (“Busted down on Bourbon Street, set up like a bowling pin. Knocked down, it gets to wearin’ thin, they just won’t let you be.” That’s how the Dead song “Truckin’ immortalized the incident). The Allman Brothers became the unofficial house band at The Warehouse, performing at least twice a month in the venue’s early years, Johnston recalled. “Once we got hooked up with the agencies, we just took over from there," Johnston told Gambit. "Once they knew you, you were getting bombarded. There's a new place in town, there's a demand to play, and the place was big enough for a lot of these bands." After The Warehouse closed, Johnston became a manager for Vince Vance and the Valiants, Gino Vannelli and The Neville Brothers. He also worked as entertainment director for Harrah’s New Orleans casino. He was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2012. In addition to his wife, Johnston is survived by two stepsons and three grandchildren. A funeral will be held Monday at Lake Lawn Metairie Funeral Home. Visitation will begin at 1 p.m., followed by a funeral Mass at 4 p.m. in the Lake Lawn Metairie Funeral Home chapel, 5100 Pontchartrain Blvd. Here's the complete list of bands and dates 1970-82 : http://www.blackstrat.net/
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