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Found 4 results

  1. Hi; I just joined this site. I've been a Zep fan for about 38 years, since I was a pre-teen. I was sure, back then, that I was their #1 fan....This site seems to have an overwhelming number of threads. What I am most interested in is finding out how to get tickets to any upcoming concerts without paying a scalper a fortune...also interested in topics such as history, poetry, the evolution of music and popular culture...not interested in arguing about what are the "best" songs or albums etc....we are all entitled to our opinions. Also interested in possibly meeting in person any NYC fans who are well-read and like to discuss the same things I do...
  2. Hi all. I am a relative latecomer to the Led Zeppelin worshippers I just feel so lucky to have found their music after such a long time not being really that interested. You can imagine how excited I am listening to all the albums for the first time and hearing songs like Friends/In My Time Of Dying/That's The Way/The Rain Song/Babe I'm Gonna Leave You and many more for the first time in a lot of cases. I have just started reading about the band as well in several books (Hammer Of The Gods and Trampled Underfoot) so any suggestions for better books are more than welcome. Stupid now but I just thought they were just a heavy rock band in much the same way as Sabbath/Purple etc (not that I don't like those bands but Zeppelin SO much more) Total convert here and looking forward to starting on the live recordings now Best wishes John
  3. Hi all LONG time reader of this forum but my first ever post here. Just wanted to say hi to all the fans and looking forward to finding out much more about the band. My own history with Led Zeppelin: Casual fan since heard "IV" when I was first getting into my rock music around 1977 and pretty much stayed in my "Good band but nothering special" file UNTIL.... Last year my eldest bought me Mothership for Father's day and started playing it in the car...WOW. Been on repeat pretty much since and have started buying the CD's but stopped as soon as I read (here funny enough) about the re-issues. I intend to buy all of them in CD form and complete my collection the easy way. Favourite songs? Far too many to mention but...... Achilles Last Stand Kashmir Trampled Underfoot The Song Remains The Same Loving the bootleg/live section along with reading the wealth of knowledge here. Got Celebration Day on DVD not long after I "got into" the band Loving that show..... Hope to be able to contribute from the perspective of someone who is new to all of this and learning your insights into this great band. best wishes John
  4. Hi everyone! Well, joining this forum was a really good decison! I'm a college student who has gotten into led zeppelin this past year, and wow... I would have never have thought i would love a band as much as i love the beatles hahaha I'm excited to meet some people and have some awesome discussions! What are some of your favorite albums? For me it's a tie between iii, iv, and houses of the holy
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