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Found 4 results

  1. For this week's episode of my podcast, Rock Talk with Dr. Cropper, I ranked every 1975 version of "No Quarter" -- all 38 for which he have at least a partial recording, that is. I covered the 1975 shows in full last year, so I figured I would increase the zoom on my microscope and focus on one particular song to rank as I listened to the shows on their anniversaries this year. In addition to making detailed notes for each version as I went along, I transcribed each of Plant's introductions and recorded the length of each version. I've been working on this since early January, so I'm excited
  2. What are some of your favorite live versions of No Quarter? Some of my favorites are: 7/20/73 7/21/73 7/29/73 1/12/75 4/27/77 4/28/77 6/23/77
  3. Who can tell me when the first live performance of no quarter was???? In my collection, the first one i have is on 09.09.1971 and any concert before that, it isnt on the setlist. My collection consists of almost every single concert ever performed, give or take a few from each year, and the ones that were never bootlegged. so i am pretty sure this is the first appearence of the song, But i am not sure becuase i cant find anything on this topic anywhere, google, other forums ect....
  4. Hey guys, i think Atlanta 1977 may be one of the best ever 1977 shows (at least caught on tape). Shame the quality is so awful, but the versions of No Quarter (one of my favourite ever versions), Achilles Last Stand and Stairway To Heaven are among some of the best on the tour! Notice how wonderful is Plant's intro to Ten Years Gone, pontuacted by so melancholic guitar chords by Page.."it's always best to be in love with everybody, but this is about the first time you ever knew it would happen to you"..it makes me cry, really! What do you guys think about? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxO
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