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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, I have been searching for years to find a picture of John Bonham's 1977 drum kit (Ludwig Stainless Steel) taken from behind the kit, maybe if one were standing near the gong and taking the picture toward the audience. There is a very similar picture in the Good Times Bad Times Zeppelin book of a shot like this, but of his Amber Vistilite Kit. I will try and find the image and post. The closest I found have found is the image below, however I am looking for one without John, and possibly a higher res? Thanks all! Mike
  2. One of my favourite parts of any show, especially in '75, is Plant's introduction of Bonham prior to "Pat's Delight"/"Moby Dick"/"Over The Top". So, I'm curious what your favourites are. Try to transcribe if possible. I'll start: While 6/21/77 is a classic, I'll go with March 20, 1975 in Vancouver: "Right, now it's our pleasure to feature one of the more...perhaps...probably the most gentle man in rock music today. A man who spends his time looking at photographs of butterflies and thinking of the times when. A man I've known for eleven years of my life, and I could never say for a moment that I've regretted one of those moments with him. A man who doesn't wash under his arms. *Bonham cackles* A man who's a stinking, rotten, dirty pig. Ladies and gentlemen, my friend and yours, John Bonham, 'Moby Dick'!"
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