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  1. Interesting interview on www.bobbyowsinski.com; under the Mixing Engineer's Handbook, there is an excerpt from an interview with Jimmy Douglass, who worked for a day with Jimmy Page back in 1969 at Atlantic . Per the interview, Pagey showed-up with "10 1/4" reels of guitar solos"; both Douglass and Jimmy then "chopped away at the 10 reels" and eventually came up with the one final solo that was inserted into the middle of Heartbreaker for Zep II. This is an interesting story, because I've always read in interviews with JP, or others, that Jimmy came up with the HB solo "on the spot"; i.e. that he probably recorded 3 separate takes, and then took the "best-one" for the album; but this interview implies that they spliced together bits and pieces from at least 10 takes! (not really the definition of spontaneous.) There's also stories that this was also done with the studio version of the STH solo, although again Jimmy himself sticks to the "best of 3" story...
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