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Found 2 results

  1. Just my own tribute to Zep celebrating 50 years of incredible music, magic, and mystique Hope you enjoy
  2. I've written something for Jimmy Page that I don't think I'm going to post here, but I found this poem by W.H. Auden that reminded me of Zeppelin and Page in particular...in fact the first time I read it I wondered if it might have inspired the album title "Presence," but later read a more mundane explanation: THE COMPOSER by W.H. Auden All the others translate: the painter sketches A visible world to love or reject; Rummaging into his living, the poet fetches The images out that hurt and connect, From Life to Art by painstaking adaption, Relying on us to cover the rift; Only your notes are pure contraption, Only your song is an absolute gift. Pour out your presence, a delight cascading The falls of the knee and the weirs of the spine, Our climate of silence and doubt invading; You alone, alone, imaginary song, Are unable to say an existence is wrong, And pour out your forgiveness like a wine.
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