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Found 9 results

  1. This is the Holy Grail of posters. I have poster #382 of the 1200 posters sold at the 2007 Led Zeppelin London 02 Reunion concert (only 1000 posters were sold to the public- the remainder were given to the band and VIPs). I purchased it at the show and also have the ticket, T shirts and program. I met Jason Bonham and had him sign it at one his tribute concerts in 2014. This amazing poster is so rare, (and so valuable) that I don't think that any of these posters have been for sale for many years. It is beautifully framed. It is the ultimate gift for a Led Zeppelin collector/fan. If you
  2. I think I got this from merit adventures back in the day. I can't find anything on it. It says "Nic Luciano Feb '78" on the bottom right.
  3. Hello, I am not exactly a Led Zeppelin newbie- just new to this Forum! Why I had to make that clear? No Idea. But, speaking of "New" I found this poster today rolled up with another Zeppelin Poster that was in Black & White Year: 1979 Title of Poster : LED ZEPPELIN then underneath says 'THE NEW BARBARIANS" Just posting for those of you that have not seen this one? I hope it not common and I am looking really stupid right now! And for any comments on it at all. Thanks! Cassie Clueless
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anybody here would know what is the value of an original 1972 Budokan poster? Thanks!
  5. Hi! I found this site while trying to research a poster I have. I've had this poster for many years, since 1969, I think. It's two-sided, with one side having the "1968 Promo" shot found on this site here: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/photos/led-zeppelin/promo?page=3 The other side is printed with what is labeled as "1973 Promo", found on the same page, which is odd, since I feel certain I had this poster before 1973. I had long thought this poster came with my original Led Zep I album, but after some research this seems not to be the case. Did any posters come with an American release of the
  6. i found this poster in a estate im cleaning out. i cant find any info on, i have never seen it before
  7. Would anyone be able to help me ID which show this poster is from? Any help is appreciated! (sorry, I am not sure why pix are turned sideways, they aren't on my computer. Ugh)
  8. Have had this poster for awhile. Its really cool and I was just wndering it its special since I cant find another one like it.
  9. Hi guys, I'd like to make my own poster of almighty Jimmy. I'm looking for two particular pictures (from 1977 i guess). In order to print it right, i need the bigger high resolution available out there. Does any of you have something like that ? I think the first picture was printed in a lot of magazines back then so may be there is a high res. scan available somewhere. Also for the story, i'd like to know from which shows those 2 pics were taken (by who ? may be there is a book i can buy with this pic, i don't know...) Thx a lot for your help ! Cheers from France. ... I tried t
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