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Found 9 results

  1. This is the Holy Grail of posters. I have poster #382 of the 1200 posters sold at the 2007 Led Zeppelin London 02 Reunion concert (only 1000 posters were sold to the public- the remainder were given to the band and VIPs). I purchased it at the show and also have the ticket, T shirts and program. I met Jason Bonham and had him sign it at one his tribute concerts in 2014. This amazing poster is so rare, (and so valuable) that I don't think that any of these posters have been for sale for many years. It is beautifully framed. It is the ultimate gift for a Led Zeppelin collector/fan. If you are interested in purchasing it and making an offer, please let me know.
  2. I think I got this from merit adventures back in the day. I can't find anything on it. It says "Nic Luciano Feb '78" on the bottom right.
  3. Hello, I am not exactly a Led Zeppelin newbie- just new to this Forum! Why I had to make that clear? No Idea. But, speaking of "New" I found this poster today rolled up with another Zeppelin Poster that was in Black & White Year: 1979 Title of Poster : LED ZEPPELIN then underneath says 'THE NEW BARBARIANS" Just posting for those of you that have not seen this one? I hope it not common and I am looking really stupid right now! And for any comments on it at all. Thanks! Cassie Clueless
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anybody here would know what is the value of an original 1972 Budokan poster? Thanks!
  5. Leslie Speeker

    1968 Promo

    Hi! I found this site while trying to research a poster I have. I've had this poster for many years, since 1969, I think. It's two-sided, with one side having the "1968 Promo" shot found on this site here: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/photos/led-zeppelin/promo?page=3 The other side is printed with what is labeled as "1973 Promo", found on the same page, which is odd, since I feel certain I had this poster before 1973. I had long thought this poster came with my original Led Zep I album, but after some research this seems not to be the case. Did any posters come with an American release of the first album? If anyone has any information about this poster, I would appreciate hearing from you. I would like to know such things as whether it was an official poster, a promo item, perhaps given to record stores, or what have you. To the best of my knowledge, my poster had no text or logos on it, although I can imagine my ten-year-old self cutting them off the bottom. This is the image on one side:
  6. i found this poster in a estate im cleaning out. i cant find any info on, i have never seen it before
  7. Would anyone be able to help me ID which show this poster is from? Any help is appreciated! (sorry, I am not sure why pix are turned sideways, they aren't on my computer. Ugh)
  8. Have had this poster for awhile. Its really cool and I was just wndering it its special since I cant find another one like it.
  9. Hi guys, I'd like to make my own poster of almighty Jimmy. I'm looking for two particular pictures (from 1977 i guess). In order to print it right, i need the bigger high resolution available out there. Does any of you have something like that ? I think the first picture was printed in a lot of magazines back then so may be there is a high res. scan available somewhere. Also for the story, i'd like to know from which shows those 2 pics were taken (by who ? may be there is a book i can buy with this pic, i don't know...) Thx a lot for your help ! Cheers from France. ... I tried to write my best english here
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