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Found 3 results

  1. One of the best bands around today, Austin's The Black Angels are back on tour, and this time they are touring with fellow Austinite Roky Erickson, a legend from his days with the 13th Floor Elevators, one of the first psychedelic rock bands. So if you haven't yet made it to a Black Angels show, now is a good time to do so, as they are hitting the East, Midwest and Southern parts of the U.S. and Canada this month. The tour began last night in Lawrence, Kansas and continues tonight in St. Louis, MO. The 2014 Winter Psych Storm Tour: Feb 01 The Firebird w/ Roky Erickson St Louis, MO TICKETS RSVP Feb 03 First Avenue w/ Roky Erickson Minneapolis, MN TICKETS RSVP Feb 04 Majestic Theatre w/ Roky Erickson Madison, WI TICKETS RSVP Feb 05 Park West Chicago, IL TICKETS RSVP Feb 07 Southgate House w/ Roky Erickson Newport, KY TICKETS RSVP Feb 08 Beachland Ballroom w/ Roky Erickson Cleveland, OH TICKETS RSVP Feb 09 Magic Stick w/ Roky Erickson Detroit, MI TICKETS RSVP Feb 11 Phoenix Concert Theatre w/ Roky Erickson Toronto, Canada TICKETS RSVP Feb 12 Corona Theatre w/ Roky Erickson Montreal, Canada TICKETS RSVP Feb 14 Black Cat w/ Roky Erickson Washington, DC TICKETS RSVP Feb 15 The Met w/ Roky Erickson Providence, RI TICKETS RSVP Feb 16 Union Transfer w/ Roky Erickson Philadelphia, PA TICKETS RSVP Feb 20 The Grey Eagle w/ Roky Erickson Asheville, NC TICKETS RSVP Feb 21 Mercy Lounge w/ Roky Erickson Nashville, TN TICKETS RSVP Feb 22 Terminal West w/ Roky Erickson Atlanta, GA TICKETS RSVP Feb 24 The Social w/ Roky Erickson Orlando, FL TICKETS RSVP Feb 25 Grand Central w/ Roky Erickson Miami, FL TICKETS RSVP Feb 26 State Theatre w/ Roky Erickson St Petersburg, FL TICKETS RSVP Feb 28 Fitzgerald's w/ Roky Erickson Houston, TX TICKETS RSVP Mar 01 Granada Theater w/ Roky Erickson Dallas, TX TICKETS RSVP Here's a performance of "Sniper" from last year's Austin Psych Fest:
  2. A couple of days ago I came across this band that tottaly got me blown away! And it appears that it was just the right time for me to discover them since they have just released their second LP! Both of their albums are AMAZING! Can't think of a modern day band who'd start off with such an impressive debut album and an even more challenging follow up! If you haven't heard them yet, then stop what you are doing and get their ALBUM! or atleast check one of their songs on you-tube or soundcloud! Their sound and groove is a mixture of the 60s Sgt. Pepper era Beatlesque psychedelic rock, Dream Pop and Beat PLUS a lot of synths and analog electronic music fill-ins. The lead vocalist not just sounds like John Lennon, he is CHANNELING HIM! They've reminded me of Peter, Bjorn and John at first but as I listened to the whole album I realized that Tame Impala was something far more ambitious and pretentious. To put it simple, for me they are an eaqually important discovery just as The Black Keys, Astra and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. A band that seems to have time travelled from the 60s\70s into our time, YET with a style and sound of their own which is far more complex and original than a blind imitation of the oldies vibe that a lot of bands nowadays try to pull off. To summ it up, Postmodernism reigns!
  3. Just read the latest issue of NME and apart from Palma Violets, I've stumbled upon a band that got me interested... The name was Temples....it's a brand new english band from a small town which brings back the Magical Mystery Tour, early Byrds, Caravan kinda sound and groove! I found them pretty much amazing! After discovering Tame Impala last year, I guess Temples is The Next Best Thing! Well, atleast they got me beggin' for more and desperately craving for their debut album! Some exciting shit, really! Check out their clips on youtube! What do you guys think?
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