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Found 2 results

  1. Randy Bachman's Facebook Page Douglas Maliszewski asks: "Randy, can you tell us about your experiences with LZ and Jimmy Page?" Hi Douglas, Sure. I first met Jimmy page in 1967 when I was with The Guess Who and he was with The New Yardbirds at The Cleveland Art Institute. Both bands shared a dressing room. He asked if he could play my Rickenbacker and I said yes, if I could play his Telecaster. Then, we had a discussion and he mentioned starting a new band. The next year, I heard about Zeppelin and in 1969, we played The Seattle pop festival in Woodinville, WA. We ended up playing the same venues several times. After our band played, we’d go to the back of the crowd and watch the other acts. At one of the festivals, which were always in fields with generators, the main generator went out. Only one little amp was working. It had Robert Plant’s harmonica mic in it and the rest of the PA system was down. John Bonham kept drumming and Plant sang into this little mic and played harmonica for about 40 minutes until the power came on. I was amazed. They were just great! In summer, 1970 they were scheduled to play the Winnipeg Stadium for the Man-Pop Festival. It rained so the concert was moved to the indoor arena. Their gear had mistakenly gone to Sweden. A makeshift, 1 foot stage was set up and Doc Stein went on CKRC radio and asked every band to lend their gear because Zeppelin said they’d play if they had gear so we did. John Paul Jones had his range pedals he had carried on the plane and they played and sounded fantastic with a bunch of mixed gear. Iron Butterfly also played. Page has got brains and is quite smart. He stopped drinking years ago and he is more articulate than a lot of people but is quite quiet by nature. I was playing w/Fred Turner at Sweden Rock in 2010. Directly after, was The High Voltage Festival in London. Emerson, Lake and Palmer were playing. So was Joe Bonamassa. We heard Jimmy Page was coming to play with someone else on stage. I was put into a trailer that was divided in half by a curtain. There were 2 doors. He had 2 bodyguards and I asked to see him. They said no so I went in my own door, my own side. I had found several of the posters from the 1969 Seattle Pop festival they had played at years before and thought Page might want a copy. I said as much out loud and the curtain opened and he said, “Hi mate, how are you doing?” He was very gracious and said he'd love a copy of the poster. I sent it to Ross, his minder, who was there taking pictures. Later, Fred Turner and I played the Roundhouse for a special for Robert Plant and sent him the same thing. When I played the opening of the Gretsch museum in Georgia with Bo Diddley, I took the pop festival poster again. Bo wanted to show his family he had once played with Zeppelin.
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