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Found 3 results

  1. Jimmy Page revealed on his instagram page that recording for the first Led Zeppelin album began September 25, 1968...51 years ago today. Studio One, Olympic Studios. He included a photo of the worksheet. So, along with July 7 having a certain symmetry in Led Zeppelin lore, so does September 25. 😮
  2. Figured this might be interesting since we all have different "bootleg ears". What is the worst-sounding bootleg/recording that you can still enjoy in spite of all of its flaws? The one that comes to mind for me is Seattle 6/19/72. Noisy, a bit distant, plenty of chatter around the taper, seems to be overloaded on the bass...but MAN what a performance! Although my number 1 wish is for a better recording of this show, the performance is so great that I can look past all the flaws and still enjoy the hell out of it. I have a feeling that if this were just a standard gig by 72 standards, I'd skip out on it. But the combination of all the rarities, the first performances of songs, and the incendiary performance makes this one a keeper for me!
  3. I am going to do some very long posts. Album by album. I accept I may initially be called a pretentious wanker but it is only my opinion here and nothing to get upset about if you consider yourself to be a rational adult. Curious? Hopefully it will make sense when you consider the total sum. Take some time to consider before responding and try not to be instantly biased or defensive. Several things can influence a listener in music: The quality of the song, and the quality of the recording of those songs. Maybe this is only for the audiophiles, but there are many instances where sound can subconsciously influence the listener. I've heard many average songs which sonically sounded great, and many great songs which sounded like shit. I don't think I can deal with a great song that sounds like it was recorded on a five dollar tape recorder. Quite frankly, the sound quality of songs recorded con-temporarily is pretty horrendous, with extreme amounts of compression that physically hurt my ears. I find it staggering that with the technology available today, music sounds like it does compared to the 70's recordings. I do not think it is the whole CD v Vinyl debate, it is the raw recording to final stereo mixing to praise/blame. Just remember that when CD's were new, circa 1985, everyone was blown away at the improvement in sound quality. And now everyone wants to go back to vinyl - IMO it's not the format, it is the current mixing to blame. I don't want to go back to scratchy vinyl, no, just get the current mixing and mastering right. Not everyone listens with $15 ear-buds in an iPhone, some people still have stereo's with speakers in quality wooden cabinets. The overall impression I get is a Zeppelin album sounds like you're in the room listening as a band plays mostly live. Modern recordings are so processed. It is as though older records capture a song being played, modern stuff is creating a song in the studio bit by bit.
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