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Found 3 results

  1. David_martinez

    LP record question

    I just bought the led zeppelin one record SD 19126 album at my local record shop i wanted to know if its a second repress and what year it came out or is it a new remasterd version of the album
  2. Takuwan

    The Final Option

    Hello I'm new here. I have #104 of the 150 sets of 'The Final Option' I'm thinking of trading it if there is a very serious collector. I have only played 10 or so of the 70 LP's. I only saw some info on people trading one about 3 years ago. Any advise on how to go about this? Do not want to do the auctions due to the percent they take, but then again I have never done the internet auction? If possible could some of you pros help me out? Bought the set 30 some years ago. Really do not want to trade since I'm a pack rat but getting up in years and a real avid collector could probably enjoy this? Thanks in advance
  3. Hey it's me again. I tried to find an existing thread about this but was unsuccesfull (I apologize if it already exists) I was wondering if you guys know about records or artists Jimmy really likes. Obviously he was into the blues and indian music and traditionnal british folk. But I would love to listen to specific records (old or contemporary) Any thoughts ? D.T.