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Found 5 results

  1. So I've been inspired by the ongoing Metallica Deluxe Edition series (which features the original album, riff tapes, demo tapes, rough mixes, and about 3-6 concerts per album). This got me thinking: which concerts could go into a Led Zeppelin version of this? This is what I have so far (official albums or parts of album are in bold, projects I've done that would be included are underlined, general concerts that needs specification are in italics) Led Zeppelin: Gladsaxe '69, Paris '69, misc. BBC '69 Led Zeppelin II: RAH '70 Led Zeppelin III: Led Zeppelin IV: BBC '71, Japa
  2. I, like many other i assume, have been slightly disappointed with the reissues of Zeppelin's albums. My main gripe is the missed opportunity to add remastered versions of bootlegs and outtakes like "Take Me Home" "Sugar Mama" "I Wanna Be Her Man" and many others. I know Jimmy said he wasn't adding songs that made it out on bootleg or to the public, but what a mistake! I for one would shell out money without hesitation for remastered versions of those on cd/vinyl. So my question is, would you buy an album/box set with outtakes like "Swan Song" or "Fire?" If so, let us find a way to relay the me
  3. Hi Jimmy and anyone else that might be reading this, I'm hoping to get the official, clarified confirmation on whether the Vinyl reissues have been converted to a digital format, which I believe is what I read. While this may provide some apparent sonic clarity, the Vinyl purists out here would appreciate, adore, love, celebrate, riot and pillage, go on hunger strikes etc. to have a pure analog > analog > analog reissue. Call us crazy, out of date, out of touch, but to our ears that digital sound just about strips the soul right out of the music. I'm sure the digital versions will be
  4. hi all, I have 1, 2 ,3 and will soon have 4 and HOTH (along with everything eventually) I have not yet played any disks. I have been on a break from drinking (1 year off) and have a lot of leave in January and am planning a few personal listening sessions (no distractions from family) with a few in a really nice recliner and headphones. So how should I listen to the CD's? I am interested in what order you all think is the best way to digest this. Main disk first, then the bonus content? vice-versa? all main disks, then all the bonus content? Each track with all its own related
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