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Found 2 results

  1. Led Zeppelin June 11, 1977 Madison Square Garden New York City, NY Original 4 Source Merge Remastered Audience Recording 01 The Song Remains The Same 02 Sick Again 03 Nobody's Fault But Mine 04 In My Time Of Dying 05 Since I've Been Loving You 06 No Quarter 07 Ten Years Gone 08 The Battle Of Evermore 09 Going To California 10 Black Country Woman 11 Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 12 White Summer 13 Kashmir 14 Over The Top 15 Guitar Solo 16 Achilles Last Stand 17 Stairway to Heaven 18 Heartbreaker My overall opinion of this show is WOW! This has to be one of the best shows of 77! It may even be the best night at the Garden in 77. Everyone is having a really good time and it shows! You can tell by the way Robert is just KILLIN IT tonight! Throwing in adlibs everywhere and really getting loud! Bonzo is on fire! Jimmy is out of this world with the solos! And jonesy delivers one of the best No Quarters of 1977! This show really is a passage threw time into an awesome 1977 Led Zeppelin experience! Anyway, I really like this show, This is a great concert but it deserves to sound better. I am extremely grateful for the tapers sharing this show! And i wanted to try my first remaster. Sorry its only MP3. Anyway, the original 4 source merge of this show is great, but compared to others, it sounds kind of flat and shrunken. So i put some EQ on it and also some stereo width to give it that spaciness and ambiance that the original source doesnt have. It sounds very good! If you want you can compare it to the original source and see. I think you will like this so here it is And i included the only known Soundboard clip of this show which includes No Quarter, Ten Years Gone and The Battle Of Evermore and is in FLAC format Enjoy!!!!! Date 2015-09-20 By Hunter Schick Albanese AKA Long Live Led Zeppelin.
  2. I, like many other i assume, have been slightly disappointed with the reissues of Zeppelin's albums. My main gripe is the missed opportunity to add remastered versions of bootlegs and outtakes like "Take Me Home" "Sugar Mama" "I Wanna Be Her Man" and many others. I know Jimmy said he wasn't adding songs that made it out on bootleg or to the public, but what a mistake! I for one would shell out money without hesitation for remastered versions of those on cd/vinyl. So my question is, would you buy an album/box set with outtakes like "Swan Song" or "Fire?" If so, let us find a way to relay the message to Jimmy himself so maybe it will get done.
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