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Found 3 results

  1. I’m essentially a Led Zeppelin newbie, (even though I’m no youngster); They’re one band that kept slipping through my fingers back in the day. But recently I decided to fix that, so I just bought The Complete Studio Recordings on CD. I had heard nothing but raves about Jimmy Page’s remastering job and I was really looking forward to the set arriving. I put the first disc in the player and… WTH? Several of the tracks had jarringly abrupt endings; they would begin to fade and then just stop! A few thoughts came to minds; I had been sold a bootleg copy. Page or somebody didn’t know what they were doing. That's the way they intended it to sound (it was an “effect”). What the heck did I know? So I ran and scoured amazon’s comments; almost unanimous with 5-star ratings. Among the highest I’ve ever seen for a box set. I went to YouTube to listen to a few tracks; all the same abrupt endings. And then I remembered something; I already owned Led Zeppelin II. So I compared it to the disc from the box set and… They ARE different! This is most noticeable between tracks 8 and 9 (Moby Dick and Bring It On Home). On my regular disc those two songs flow one into the other —without any silence between them— but on the “new and improved” disc the songs are separated by a gap of two full seconds! And —horror of horrors— when Bring It On Home begins you can hear the end of Moby Dick still fading out! WHAT?!?!?! It sounds like a splice made with safety scissors and duct tape! So I’m hoping one of you can help me make sense of it all. Why does everyone seem so happy with this set? It strikes me as an inexcusable hack job! How can anyone be okay with this (even if there’s not another error to be found)? How can it be that a total newbie discovered this gaffe within seconds of tearing away the shrink wrap, yet I haven’t found a single mention of it among the hundreds of reviews at amazon? Thanks for your time...
  2. Hi all I've just bought a new Led Zeppelin II vinyl double disc remaster on Amazon from a company in Australia (for just £19) and it was sent to me in the UK by airmail via Hong Kong. It turned up and was all well packaged and sealed and looks perfect but when I opened it, disc one is the correct Led Zeppelin II disc but has the Led Zeppelin I label. Anyone else experienced this? It sounds great to me so I'm sure it's not a bootleg edition or anything, but is this unique? Does this make it a real collector's item? Or doesn't it make any difference? Or have I been ripped off? I don't really care that much but just curious. Cheers
  3. I assume everyone knows by now that Page is releasing three albums per year of remasters that also contain unheard cuts/mixes and some actual new songs that have been previously unreleased. Wondering if some of them will be worth buying? From the first three albums, the only one worth a purchase looks to be Led Zeppelin III, having most of all the songs in alternate mixes along with new songs. Led Zeppelin II has different versions and that one new song called "LaLa", which I was planning on just listening to on youtube once it comes out (I'm sure someone will upload it). Also wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what Page will release next... Obviously most likely IV, Houses of the Holy and Physical Graffiti, but after that I ponder if he will re-release TSRTS or if it will be the next three in the line up, Presences, In Through the Out Door, (both of which I am looking very much forward to) and Coda perhaps? I'm not sure because as far as I knew, Coda was a compilation of songs that were left over and 'worth' the time of an album. So, any thoughts?
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