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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there, I wonder if you could help me find out a little more about the image below of Robert Plant from 1984. My late sister in law was a HUGE fan, and since she passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last year, we never got the chance to ask the history of the attached. It's a BIG limited edition print measuring 82 cms x 61 cms It's signed by Robert Plant "To Tony - broad shoulders....smart moves. Love Robert" (she was called Clare, so not sure who Tony might be)?? It's super hard to read the artist's signature, I've attached a close up of this in case it helps, and it a
  2. Darrel Higham is guest on Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour this week (link below)! We chat about early influences particularly Eddie Cochran (and playing with The Kelly Four), playing with Slim Jim Phantom in the Katmen, his Hell's Hotel album and Robert Plant who appears on the album, brand new singles and a special request for The Jets! We also spin tunes from recent collaborations with Jittery Jack and Rocky Burnette as well as a live track from Jeff Beck featuring Darrel on vocals as they cover Gene Vincent! Hear episode here: http://rockabillynblues.blogspot.com/2018/11/d
  3. does anyone know about these photos? year show venue?
  4. Chris Isaak is our guest this week! We discuss his new album- First Comes The Night, playing with Dick Dale, his mirror suit, recording in Nashville (and running into Robert Plant), his love for Jerry Lee Lewis (along with an obscure request for Jerry Lee) and more! Plus we hear tracks from Janis Martin, Crawling King Snakes, Official: Dale Watson, Mickey Hawks, Danny B Harvey & Annie Marie Lewis and Jimmy Sutton's Four Charms on this week's Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour! http://rockabillynblues.blogspot.com/2016/04/chris-isaak-interview-more-rockabilly-n.html
  5. "That's the Way" cover by Valley Queen Our tribute to one of our favorite Led Zeppelin songs!
  6. Hello Everyone, In the wakes of the story of Robert "ripping up" the $800 contract offered by Richard Branson, the following is a letter written by myself and a few other "hopefuls" characterizing our still undying hope for a reunion tour. It asks Mr. Plant to reconsider his decision from another perspective. By using the power of social media (and armed with the knowledge that these forums are occasionally monitored by people directly related to the organization), we are hoping to circulate it, in the hopes that he or one of his people might see it and ponder the idea, for what it's wor
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