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Found 2 results

  1. “Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass.”
  2. Saw Rush here in Phoenix last night at the US Airways Center. I have seen every Rush tour but one since 1982. Having been down the road with them quite a bit in the past, I can honestly state that every recent tour I am increasingly blown away by what they are becoming. Instead of three guys jamming onstage, they have become a surreal, multimedia, three-dimensional super-trippy extravaganza. It's crazy that they would continue to evolve and morph into something completely other than what they started out as in this stage of their game. Instead of playing one long solo, Peart played three shorter ones, including one where his set was bathed in blue and purple light and his drums and cymbals were triggers, each with otherworldly sounds. It was breathtaking. If you have an even passing interest in them then I definitely recommend this tour. In The Light since 1972. Trampled Under Foot. My life with Led Zeppelin. http://petedelorean.tumblr.com/
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