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Found 7 results

  1. Hi. I'm new here but I wanted to join so I could share something. Am I allowed to share links for downloading it from my cloud storage or do I only offer them if people PM me? Long post - deep breath! Been working on it since the summer when it started to become apparent that Jimmy Page was not going to deliver the 50th Anniversary Live boxed set that we all hoped for. Well, if he wasn't going to do it, then I was certainly going to give it my best shot! My starting point was that for 1969-1973, we have near-complete live shows for each year: Paris Olympia from 196
  2. Hello Forum Friends, I'm looking ahead to Wednesday (3/21--my favourite day on the Zepp calendar) and trying to maximize my 3/21/75 listening experience. I've listened to the straight soundboard several times since it came out in August, but have only listened to "Dazed And Confused" on the matrix so far. I find that Dazed sounds better on the matrix, but after listening to bits of both "Rock And Roll" & "Sick Again" from both sources just now, I'm not sure which one is better. What do those of you who have listened to both think?
  3. Thanks to this forum for letting me know of the new Soundboard. Wow and good. Been listening to it yesterday and today. Love it. Rank it as one of the top shows of 75. The band was relaxed and tight. At ease working together, and Plant speaking to the audience is enjoyable. Tight in that they were really playing well together. I can I finally hear thr JPJ bass up in the mix! So far to what I've heard, the whole band sounds good. For example, OTHAFA - it's a fine loose groove, the band in sync, and an excellent confident solo from JP. It is excellent. Almost a reminder of th
  4. So I've started to collect as much of Zeppelin's performances recorded on video as I can, Assemblage I and II, DVD, TSRTS(and the GREAT fanedit In for a Quick Garden) and now I've come across the Seattle show and I'm confused... I mean 1977 was a bit of a rollercoaster year for Zep, we have shows like the LA Forum which is among the best they've done and then there's Tempe and Oakland too... So my question is about Seattle, I can't figure out what's wrong with it, I mean Jimmy is not at his best but it feels like it's more of a mixing fault or something, it just sounds dry and... I don't know
  5. Spent most of Monday exploring Seattle...particularly locations with a rock and roll history. My main goal was to go to the Edgewater Inn at Pier 67 in Seattle. This is where Led Zeppelin and the Beatles and many other bands stayed when touring Seattle. The rooms overlook the water so they could fish right out the window. This is where the infamous mudshark/red snapper story took place on Led Zeppelin's 1969 tour. The Beatles were the first major rock band to stay there and the room they stayed in...Suite 272...is now called The Beatles Suite and is decorated with Beatles memorabilia. Amazin
  6. Hey zeppelin fans. What do you think?. Is better Seattle of 1975 or Earl Court.? Seattle has a amazing version of Dazed And Confused with 43.00 minutes! Earl court has great acustic songs. Voice of Robert isn´t the best but i think that the rest of the band just were AWESOME
  7. Led Zeppelin Played at the Aqua Theatre in Green Lake, Seattle Get this: Led Zeppelin once played at Green Lake and the tickets were $4. Dozens of others listened from nearby areas or got rowboats and checked out the show from the water. The show was at the Aqua Theatre, which was built in 1950 as part of the first Seafair. The theatre was in disrepair when Led Zeppelin played there and it was dismantled in the 1970s. Today, one section of the former theatre remains. Led Zeppelin also played at Woodinville's Gold Creek Park on July 27, 1969. Read more about the Green Lake show here f
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