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Found 2 results

  1. With NHL Training Camps starting today, it's time to 'DROP PUCK'! Last year, it was the lockout playing havoc with the season. This year, it's the Winter Olympics in Russia that will cause some disarray, although each team will still play the standard 82 game schedule. http://touch.latimes.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-77356334/ My team, the Los Angeles Kings, have some issues to wonder about...namely, the void left by the departures of Dustin Penner (to his old team the Ducks), Rob Scuderi (also back to his former team Pittsburgh), and goalie Jonathan Bernier (to Toronto), who performed yeoman duty last season while Quick was recovering from back surgery. After coming so close again to the Stanley Cup Finals last year, only to lose to Chicago, the Kings had a plethora of injured players by the end of the playoffs...Dustin Brown, Matt Greene, Rick's favourite ex-Sabre Robyn Regehr, Drew Doughty, Justin Williams. It'll be up to the new blood to step up...although I'm worried if something happens to Quick. Having Bernier as a backup goalie gave one piece of mind. Now, it'll be fraught with mystery. http://touch.latimes.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-77354428/?related=true
  2. Now that the 2013 season schedule is out, free agency is in full swing, and the draft looms this evening, it is time for a 2013 NFL thread. Especially since the 2013 season officially began weeks ago. Time to forget last year and start pondering our teams prospects for this year. Thanks to their recent stupefying moves, the Oakland Raiders and New York Jets have shattered the old record for the earliest date of being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. The previous record was 'Draft Day', shared by multiple teams who eliminated themselves on that day thru idiotic picks: Cincinnati drafting Akili Smith, San Diego drafting Ryan Leaf, Cleveland drafting Tim Couch, Oakland drafting...well, practically every draft they've had for the past 10 years. But now, given recent developments, the Jets and Raiders have eliminated themselves weeks before the draft...thus saving their fans any need to spend ponderous hours watching the draft. Leaving the immature freakshow behind and getting back to planet Earth and the grown-up table of the NFL, what does the draft portend for your team and the season as a whole? Who will move up...or move down? What will Kansas City do? Are they any quarterbacks in this draft that you can see being an NFL starter? Geno Smith? Matt Barkley? I'm not so sure about them. Will Dallas again be overrated by the pundits and overexposed by the TV networks? Which quarterback will start showing signs of slippage and old age first: Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, or Tom Brady? Can Seattle and San Francisco keep it up? Can Green Bay regroup and regain their Super Bowl-winning form? Will Baltimore be a one-and-done team following their cost-cutting moves? Are the Roethlisburger-Palomalu era Steelers finished as we knew them? Will Buffalo ever find a quarterback? Will Kansas City ever be relevant again? When will the League come to its senses and just eliminate Jacksonville and Carolina from the NFL? Will ESPN's Skip Bayless ever stop talking about Tim Tebow? Discuss...
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