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Found 1 result

  1. I paid another visit to the record shop over the weekend and I see that both the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan have issued yet more archival live albums. The Stones have a San Jose 1999 gig from the No Security tour out on CD and DVD/Blu-Ray. This follows on the heels of the BBC recordings and 1969 Hyde Park, 1971 Marquee Club, 1971 Leeds, 1973 Brussels, 1975 LA Forum, 1978 Ft. Worth, 1981 Hampton, 1982 UK, 1990 Tokyo Dome, 2014 Hyde Park, 2016 Sticky Fingers Fonda Theatre, and I'm probably forgetting some others. Some of these are little more than fixed up soundboards. Bob Dylan, on the heels of an officially released massive box of 1966 tour tapes (including audience tapes as well as soundboards and multitracks), has come out now with another collection of live performances from the early 1960s. The reason is that after 50 years a performance goes into public domain in Europe if the record company does not issue anything before the 50 years are up. That is why the 1966 box appeared in 2016 and why Bob Dylan started the official Bootleg Series releases in the first place. He is up to Volume 14 now. The Dylan releases are even called The Copyright Collection. They were purely issued to establish copyright protection. It's not just the Stones and Dylan. Every trip to the record shop yields another crop of live recordings, radio shows, etc. being released after being available only on bootlegs for years. Allman Brothers Band, VU, Lou Reed, Tom Petty, Iggy Pop, David Bowie...the list keeps growing. This is 2018. Which means if Led Zeppelin does not release anything from 1968 this year, then anyone hoarding a 1968 concert tape could make a deal with a label to release the tape without worrying about being taken to court. Especially since the setlists in 1968 were predominantly cover songs anyway. Only one or two songs were Led Zeppelin originals. Next year, hoarders of 1969 shows (with the exception of the Paris Olympia show that came with the first album remaster) will be able to count down the days when they can get paid legally for their tapes. We could be in for a bonanza of unreleased Led Zeppelin shows finally seeing the light of day.
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