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Found 11 results

  1. *****NOTE: I am new to this forum; I am NOT new to anything Led Zeppelin. Please, I ask you to ignore the first part of that sentence, and consider the second. Appreciated. ****** ***The Song Remains the Same Complete Re-EDIT On Way! *** [Note]: Individual evaluation only, not a means of piracy; this will NOT be distributed in any such way; again, my individual evaluations I've always preferred original TSRTS footage, be it a bootleg or 8mm. However, the actual viewing experience is rather limited by the subpar quality even terrible for 1970's cinematics. Honestly, the "film" portions of the film (I know, that sounds redundant, whatever) are pretty ugly. When one compares the close-up concert sequences re-filmed, the viewing experience becomes exhilarating. Add original panoramas of the actual crowd; the experience is timeless. And, of course, 1920 X 1080 resolution is absolutely stunning. The producers made their best intentions to create the best viewing experience possible during the time. The only reason I bring this thought up is because of a project I am working on to re-edit TSRTS (film) as close to original setlist as possible, while still retaining an apex entertainment factor. The fan-edition looks great, but I wish to make it even better. The plans are as follows: 1. Rip 2007 Blu-Ray release as a main video reference for best consumer-attainable quality as of 2013 2. Integrate my FLAC vinyl rips as much as possible to cover the abridged / shortened scene performances and restore original song length. 3. Somehow attain the best quality original footage / bootlegs. This includes the abandoned gaps in Black Dog, The Song Remains the Same, The Rain Song, etc. 4. The whole point of #3 is to eliminate psychedelic/fantasy sequences limiting attention on the band itself. The problem really arises from point no. 3; attaining footage to fill the gaps. I have some, but not enough. If anyone knows where to access the originals in best quality, that would be a great help! Plans for release are late December/early January 2013/2014, though this is extremely tentative and subject to change. ***This is for experimentation purposes only and NOT for personal gain, resale, or profit or mass-release and or reproduction; only individual evaluation.*** If any of you are of interest, please don't hesitate to inform me as soon as possible! Thank you for your support. -A/S
  2. I have searched and gone back 5 pages of live forum, no result - so me thinks this might be worthy to post... What is the BEST TSRTS live version? The Eddie one is an absolute favorite of mine for the unbeatable BEAST drum intro - but overall favorite? - not sure - in the future when they make the boot sound like your NEXT to the band, it no doubt will be (this will happen, I just hope I am here to see it!). The quality of the boot is incredibly important (clarity of soundboard or outstanding AUD recording). So - whats your ranking - lets say top 3 - TSRTS - with reason. It might be it set up a particularly EPIC show. It may be that the track standing alone is the best ever in your view. Waddayareckon?
  3. Does anybody know what the meaning of the opening scene of The Song Remains the Same is? When Peter Grant is dressed like a 1920s gangster with a tommy gun and gets in the old model A and then shoots up the werewolves' poker game. Does anybody know the meaning behind that scene?
  4. Hi guys, i made a cover of the guitar solo to stairway to heaven from the song remains the same dvd. Let me know what you think.
  5. I love this version of the song! Does anyone have a tab of how Jimmy plays it here? I can never get this one right. I can play the regular song, but the way he does this version.... I just don't know. Thanks!
  6. I had Mojo Magazine's "Physical Graffiti" tribute cd on at work earlier today and when Sun Kil Moon's cover of "Sick Again" was over, it triggered an impulse to put on Sun Kil Moon's "Benji" album from last year. For those that don't know, Sun Kil Moon is the moniker that Mark Kozelek records under. Mark Kozelek was also the singer-guitarist in the Red House Painters. In Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous", Mark Kozelek played the bass player in the band Stillwater. Like Jack White, the guy knows how to keep busy. Also like Jack White, he has a love for Led Zeppelin and acknowledges their influence. "Benji" was released way back in February 2014, and I remember immediately liking the album and especially being struck by the song "I Watched the Film The Song Remains the Same". However, I am constantly accruing new music and whether I got busy or just plain forgot, I never got around to posting the song here for other Led Zeppelin fans to hear. Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon is not someone who is going to be played on classic rock or mainstream rock radio. But I feel Led Zeppelin fans should hear this song, and I think it might trigger your own memories of watching "The Song Remains the Same". It is a melancholy and touching song, and it gets at the heart of what makes "The Song Remains the Same" endure...not just because of the content of the film, but for the shared ritual that most of us experienced first watching it in a theatre. The song then travels through another memory of Mark's childhood, one that he feels ashamed of, and then circles back to how he views "The Song Remains the Same" after the deaths of John Bonham and Peter Grant. Musically, it is a simple song...just plain acoustic guitar. Although, towards the end there are some lovely layered textures of acoustic arpeggios. Here is Sun Kil Moon's "I Watched the Film 'The Song Remains the Same'":
  7. It's known it was filmed because (along with other outtakes from TSRTS) snippets were included in the Travelling Riverside Blues promo. But, how much was filmed? Where is the footage now? Will we ever see it? Will it be released in the upcoming box sets? Here are all the clips (horribly distracting graphic effects included): http://youtu.be/ZzPsn0QTs9U
  8. i found this poster in a estate im cleaning out. i cant find any info on, i have never seen it before
  9. As listed on LZ's website, this is the official setlist over the course of three nights: Rock and Roll, Celebration Day, (Bring It On Home intro) Black Dog, Over the Hills and Far Away, Misty Mountain Hop, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, The Song Remains the Same, Rain Song, Dazed and Confused (incl. San Francisco), Stairway to Heaven, Moby Dick, Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love (incl. Let That Boy Boogie), The Ocean. When do the clips stop/end for the particular night? Meaning; July 27:1, 2, 3, 4, 5 / July 28: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 / July 29: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 in accurate order if what is listed isn't verbatim. -and- Is "The Ocean" really the last track? I was under the initial impression "Whole Lotta Love" was. However, after reviewing the 2007 Blu-Ray release extras, it seems to indeed cease with concluding bows and what not. After "WLL", Plant simply says, "New York, good night." and walks off nonchalantly. I'm under the dogma that Plant said that in the same clip as the Ocean, of which, only was decided to be used in the final cut of the film. What do you guys think? I do appreciate your opinions and contributions. ^A/S
  10. Has ANYONE seen these kids??? They are mashing up Led Zeppelin songs in hopes they can get their generation to learn the true roots of music!! Simply by combing today's artists with Led Zeppelin! Have a look at these mashups! Right out of The Song Remains The Same Is there anyone who can get this to Jimmy, Robert or John Paul? The bands name is Giffords Lane
  11. Where can I find the lyrics of TSRTS 2007 version?
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