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Found 2 results

  1. So there are various threads about wish lists, what is coming, EV's next release, what actually is Multitracked or not etc... well I want to revisit what is current. With fairly recent releases (EV) I'd like peoples top10 boots. I'd be interested in responses which weigh your selections 3-1. 75% - quality of the boot - must be good to great SB or really good audience to qualify. 25% - the quality of the performance. I'm not entirely sure what mine are, I'm still discovering them. They would probably include LTTE Snowblind and/or Four blocks in the snow Dancing Avocado Danke! Vienna (73/03/16) Seattle matrix - '75 - recently released. Anything Earl's Court because there is NOT enough video of them and a lot of tracks are on Youtube with variations of songs from different nights (and I think some that are mash ups?) which is always great. Maybe '79 Copenhagen, not sure, I'll have to give those nights a proper run. So how about you guys? Has your top 10 changed recently?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums here, so not sure if anyone has done this, or where to post it. I though a cool idea would be if we got a good group of people to post their top 30 led Zeppelin songs from the 9 original studio albums in order. My list constantly changes, as I guess so do many people's, so it is a general idea. But what I can then do is make a spreadsheet to work out the average rank each song gets which you can then compare your own choices to. I did this against some of the top lists I found online, and found it very interesting to see which songs I seemed to over and underrate. Think would be good to do amongst true led Zeppelin fans, the more that do it the better obviously. The only thing is I don't know what seems the best value to give a song that you have not ranked in your top 30, but others have, ie do we give them all 31 as any way will seem to skew the results, as everyone is not going to pick the same 30 songs.
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