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Found 1 result

  1. Ever though your LZ mp3's were best quality? Think again. ***This is NOT for everyone, only those who have the TIME, LP collections, and $$$. This is pretty complicated stuff only intended for audiophiles. If you said yes to the first question, this isn't for you. Just a kindly heads up*** Today I will show you the utmost of proper methods to obtain the absolute BEST, no-catch Led Zeppelin audio quality. Disclaimer: You will need some LP's (or a friend with some) in order to do this for the songs you want. If you aren't concerned with digital copies, plug your speaker/headphones into your record player. Inarguably, the best bitrate is of vinyl. CDs are not analogue, and thus a digital approximation and usually max out at 320 kbps. Vinyl? Can get in the 3000's. No joke. There is nothing like the sound of lossless audio. It's incredible. The format we will convert to is FLAC, (Free Lossless Audio Codec), which is compressed uncompressed, but being lossless, loses no quality. Complicated, but trust me. If you want to save a few days, find a professional nearby. Costly, but time-saving. 1. First step is to check your record player. Needs to have a USB function to connect to a computer. Something like this will do: http://bit.ly/19Vp2GF . Or, http://www.ionaudio.com/products/details/iLP within the $100 range. 2. Read these articles thoroughly. I'm not going to explain it all here as it would take pages. Again, this requires TIME. http://bit.ly/1fUv0bw AND / OR http://bit.ly/1bwKgHc .These two are what I used a few months ago for my collection. 3. Programs. I use Winamp for all of my collections, as it supports FLAC. http://www.winamp.com/ . You'll need to install this plugin after dragging/dropping your newly converted audio into the program. http://www.winamp.com/plugin/flac-plugin-with-library-support/143614 And that is it. I truly wish I could just send you all my collections so you only have to do step 3, but that constitutes some major piracy. If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask away. I will assure you though that are willing, the process is worth it. ;-)
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