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Found 1 result

  1. I known this is a controversial topic, so I wish everyone to stay civil in this debate. Opponents of meat consumption argue that the production of meat and other animal products has a negative environmental impact, that modern factory farming is very cruel and that taste is not a legitimation to cage and/or kill animals. Supporters argue that it is tasty, that it is part of their culture and that vegetarianism/veganism may come with malnourishment. I don't add points like "we are on top of the food chain" since we buy in supermarkets in most of the cases and thus are not participating in a food chain. If we hunted our meat, we would. Another point supporters bring is that we would have canine teeth, which in fact we don't have. I probably sound biased (I'm a vegan), but our anatomy is more on the omnivorous site with strong signs pointing towards a mainly plant-based diet. Those pointy teeth we have are rather cute compared to the teeth of true carnivores like felines. Our teeth are very similar to those of other apes like chimps and gorillas, who live almost exclusively vegan except for insects. Bringing up one of these points in a debate don't seem valid. We in fact can not kill other animals with our jars, which true carnivores can. I myself lived vegetarian over a year before I decided to go vegan. My main concerns are, as mentioned above, the environmental impact of raising kettle and livestock and the practices under which most of the meat is produced nowadays. I understand where the other site is coming from since I ate meat, dairy and eggs most of my life. And, to clear up common misconceptions, I am not malnourished and have plenty yummy food to now on. Of course following a vegan diet is not suitable for everyone, people living in rural areas may have difficulties purchasing vegan products and people with certain food allergies would have difficulties only consuming plant protein. However, other than taking are of my b12-intake (which I do with marmite and vegan products like soy and rice milk, non-dairy yoghurt and vegan pudding which are all enriched in vitamin b12) I don't have to plan to eat healthy. Iron is found in sugar beet syrup, red beet, nuts, some fruits chick peas and leafy greens. Calcium is found in tofu, again leafy greens, mineral water and nuts and grains. I just add this inb4 any questions regarding my health. So, what is your opinion on meat? I think the only legitimate way of eating meat is hunting and fishing, and eggs and dairy from local, super-small scale farms where you can be 100% sure the animals are treated right.
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