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I will definitely get this edition of Guitar Magazine. I like that Jimmy is first on the list. :yesnod: Thanks Steve.

The feature is "Les Paul Giants" and it presents a variety of iconic guitarists who have made lasting music with a Les Paul guitar. The Jimmy Page profile includes a killer full page color photo of Jimmy Page (circa 1975) performing onstage in the spotlight (credited to Neal Preston).

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Young Guitar (November 2013) (Japan)


Scan courtesy Steve A. Jones Archive

Thanks for this Steve. I know you will be getting a copy. I was always fascinated by the love the Japanese people had for Zeppelin. I was watching a video of P/P in Japan. When they showed the audience, well, they were absolutely manic!! I am happy to see Jimmy is front and center on the mag's cover.

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Kawade Led Zeppelin (August 30, 2013) (Japan)


(Front Cover)


(Back Cover)

Scans courtesy Steve A. Jones Archive

Kawade has published a 200 page all-Led Zeppelin magazine containing a biography, discography, album reviews and Jimmy Page interview. All of the text is in Japanese. The magazine is the same size as Beatleg (traditional small size). The contents page reflects this periodical was published August 30, 2013, but I'd never seen them in stores until today, thus it may have been published back then for an Autumn release.

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^^^^ Don't get too exited, the "Led Zeppelin" header is a little misleading. The article is just ten pages of regurgitated 'soundbites' from thirty or so players of the day (you name 'em, they're in there) talking about what went on in those 300 days between the release of LZ's I & II.

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^ Nice cover! is this an all Zep issue? I would love to peruse the Shinko Music Photo Archive. They consistently have 1977 shots that are rarely seen.

edited to add: that 1977 shot is from Pontiac. You can see the cameraman behind Jimmy.

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