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Monks: The Transatlantic Feedback


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I don't know if anyone here have heard of the Monks before. Anyway, last night I went to the movies and watched a documentary of the 60's band The Monks. They had a really cool sound and I had no idea someone had made a documentary about them. Before I watched the movie, I had only heard their one and only record which is a true musical gem from the mid 60's, but I've never heard or read any history about them.

Here's story in short:

"The Monks were five American GI's in cold war Germany who billed themselves as the anti-Beatles; they were heavy on feedback, nihilism and electrical banjo. This documentary not only illustrates the pop music phenomenon in it's politilcal, social and cultural historic context, but also reveals the Monks project as the first marriage between art and popular music".

I really recomend anyone interested in music to watch this documentary. Visit the official site for the movie RIGHT HERE

The Monks - Monks Time (audio only)

Check out their website: http://www.the-monks.com/


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Yeah, my friend Matt burned me their album in the late 90's & I loved it, thought it was absolutely insane. Then he told me their wacky history & how they had just recently reformed at that time.

I'm glad to hear about this documentary. For myself, this is a must see.

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