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The Mark Zeppelin Box Set

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I've always had a problem with the 2 Led Zeppelin CD box sets. The first one has most of the hits but there are song on box set #1 that I don't think belong there (Poor Tom) while there are great songs that aren't there at all (Good Times Bad Times).

So (since my first name is Mark) I have created my own 4-disc box set that encapsulates the band's entire legacy with a selection and running order that is new and different. I present to you, the Mark Zeppelin Box Set:

Disc 1 (Famous Zeppelin Rockers)

What is and What Should Never Be

Over the Hills and Far Away

Traveling Riverside Blues

The Ocean

Immigrant Song


Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

The Lemon Song

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Stairway to Heaven

Rock and Roll

I Can't Quit You Baby (from BBC Sessions)

Misty Mountain Hop

Hey Hey What Can I do

Disc 2 ("Acoustic" numbers)

Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Gallows Pole (from Page & Plant No Quarter)

Going to California

That's the Way

Black Mountain Side

No Quarter (from Page & Plant No Quarter)


Black Country Woman

Your Time is Gonna Come

Ramble On


Thank You (from Page & Plant No Quarter)

The Rain Song

White Summer/ Black Mountain Side

Disc 3 (B-sides that rock)

Baby Come On Home

Royal Orleans


The Crunge

Hots on For Nowhere

Fool In the Rain

We're Gonna Groove

Out on the Tiles

Living Loving Maid

D'yer Mak'er

Communication Breakdown (from BBC Sessions)

Houses of the Holy

The Rover

The Wanton Song

Moby Dick/ Bonzo's Montreux

Dics 4 (Anthems and live music)

Good Times Bad Times/Ramble On (Live, from the O2 reunion - bootleg)

Over the Hills and Far Away (from How the West Was Won)

Achilles Last Stand

Most High (from Page and Plant Walking into Clarksdale)

When the Levee Breaks

Black Dog (from How the West Was Won)

Dazed and Confused

In the Evening

Whole Lotta Love


Feel free to rip this off, or comment but please send all royalties to me.

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Oh yeah, Immigrant Song is actually on Dics 1 right after The Ocean - I left it out accidentally.

You Shook Me is not there though. You can debate including things like Most High while excluding other Zepp originals but it's ultimately a group of my personal favorites.

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