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The 2009 Major League Baseball Thread

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Or maybe the.. What Made You Unhappy thread :lol: Just sayin' Pat Just sayin' :P


:lol: The thing is, Ally, I'm not even sad about it anymore. Now when we all go out to a pub to watch the Leafs play, it's to laugh. After all, what's life without a few laughs - wherever you can get them, eh?? :beer:

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CONGRATULATIONS YANKEES!!! :party: You have to stop and take in the fact that we're likely watching four or five future Hall of Famers. Future generations will think we were so lucky.

And Jethro, when you've got Mo as your closer, most other bullpens pale by comparison. That guy instills disheartening inevitability in opponents.

What an awesome World Series!

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Yankee Haters make me smile. Just go check out my blog and read the first post. It's a compilation of some of the most asstastic comments Yankee Haters left on the post directly below it after the game ended. I mean, someone actually said they wanted the team plane to crash. That wasn't funny, but the others sure as hell were.


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