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Jimmy Page "Hypnotizing Ways (Oh Mamma)"

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It is in Japan. I have on vynil and CD. eil.com and ebay may have it. I love Who's to Blame the best. I love the whole album. I even introduced it to my friend who loves Jimmy. I work with a very sweet guy who worked for Warners label and is friends with Dave Mattacks, who was the drummer on this album. I couldn't breathe when he told me that and to be that close to Jimmy.

How's it going "aen27?" I also own DEATH WISH II in Vinyl/LP and CD. I tried finding the American version on CD but it has been long out of print. However, like you previously stated, I did find the DEATH WISH II album on CD but as a Japanese Import. The Matrix or ID Number is AMCY-2745. The disc has the big and beautiful Swan Song logo on it and the recordings sounded great. I was really surprised by Jimmy's creative as well as flexible musical tastes and styles which are evidently heard throughout the album. In my opinion, some of the music in this album sounds like a continuation of IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR in many ways! I especially like the songs "Who's To Blame," "The Chase," "City Sirens," "Jam Sandwich," "The Release" and "Hypnotizing Ways (Oh Mamma)." If I'm not mistaken, Jimmy's music would also be used in DEATH WISH III, I am not sure about DEATH WISH IV. Maybe someday we'll see the American release on CD soon. In the mean time, ROCK ON!

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