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Best Album Cover?!


Best Album Cover!  

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  1. 1. Which album cover do u think is the best??

    • LZ I
    • LZ II
    • LZ III
    • LZ IV
    • Houses of the Holy
    • Physical Graffiti
    • Presence
    • In Through the Out Door

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I voted for "In Through The Out Door." Mostly because I loved the fact that you could get 1 of the 6 different sleeves and it all represented a different view point of someone at the bar in the picture. The brown paper bag was/is kinda cool too. I love PG and HOTH's covers too but I have always loved the idea and creativeness behind ITTOD's.

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I or IV. I has a picture of people essentially being burned alive. How punk is that? And how humble is it to name your band after a joke and then make the album cover reflect that joke? Surely such a marketing strategy would doom a band. And it's a b&w picture at a time when psychedelic overload was the norm. IV perfectly reflects the music on the album itself. Old, traditional lifestyle in the shadow of the modern era. Old blues and folk music played by a hard rock band. Zep were the perfect marriage between the old and the new and both the album and it's cover reflect exactly that. You couldn't pay every advertising exec in the world to come up with something more perfectly balanced and representative. Then you've got a giant "F you" by not printing anything on the jacket but the song titles. I don't know how anyone could not choose IV. I mean, I know naked kids are appealing and all..

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On 3/31/2009 at 3:30 AM, timothy5151 said:

I had to go with In Through The Outdoor. Coming in a brown paper bag, interactive water colors, 6 different covers. The 6 different covers all have perspectives from each person in the room. Overall, simply amazing. The main reason is that I have always thought that the album cover matches the mood of the album fairly well.

My choice as well.   It took me a long time to find all 6 covers in near mint condition with clean inserts. Of all my collection That "Piece" is my favorite and the most important and I have some cool stuff, not as cool as the mental collector with money but still cool.

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All of them are great.  The only way I can narrow this down is to consider the entire package.  That gives me close call between III and PG.

III is light, colorful, and the inner spinning wheel is a fantastic touch.

PG perfectly captures the mood and sound of the songs.  And that extensive interior:  two sleeves with different pictures, how they work with the overall outside cover with the empty windows, how the name of the album also fits in the windows, and the design of the interior with the song titles in all different fonts looking like a ransom note.  Very creative in all respects.

I would have to say the best is PG.     

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Remasters is fantastic. I'll give my vote to Physical Grafitti. The solid stone building evokes the solid mass of rock music within. No silly rock music cliche's on it either. ITTOD would have made a great cover for a sort of Led Zip Blues compilation. Presence felt more  Pink Floyd. Houses of the Holy number two. Love Song Remains The Same as well. The blackness, the graphics. I like CODA as well.  Led Zep 1V has a great front cover that really evokes the mystique of Led Zep to me but the dreary back looks like a punk or Supertramp cover. Worst album covers HTWWW and The BBC Sessions. 

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On 7/4/2018 at 5:53 AM, TheMadIrishman said:

Zeppelin IV is easily the best. It makes you wonder about its meaning and has that magical look about it... 

Completely agree. Historically significant as well, given they refused to have the band name displayed. 

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I'd definitely go with the debut, heavy as hell, imagine seeing that in '69. You knew this band had to rock harder than anyone else, what else would this cover be communicating? Controversial opinion: the PG cover doesn't do much for me. I look at it and see a building. Biiiiig freakin' deal. That being said, I think it represents the sound of the album well. I just don't think it beats I, III, IV, Houses, or ITTOD.



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