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I had a crap-load of Indian food tonight at the Mandir ... after Sat Rudra Abhishekam pooja. It was like a 5 hour pooja and I was starving.

I have no idea what I ate ... a bunch of spicy junk with a buttload of starchy crap.


And all the girls were beautiful. FRICK - IN GORGEOUS.


For some reason God made the prettiest women on earth in India.

You ain't gotta twist MY arm in order to go to church ... THAT's for sure!

ha. ha.



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Hey Ishitabean ...

I met this guy from Mumbai this evening ... and he kept bringing up ISKCON ... you know the Hare Krishnas.

I finally had to tell him that was not a fan of the movement (not that there's anything wrong with it) ... and that they sort of freaked me out. He looked kind of puzzled ... and said "but they (the movement is) are American" ... like since I was a white American guy, I MUST be a Hare Krishna. I told him that I was a devotee of Maa.

It sort of pissed me off. Not big time, or anything. But it annoyed me.


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I just had 2 burritos with a can of black beans on top. Now I'm about to chow a pint of Haagen-crap banana split ice cream ... but a co-worker looked at the label and told me it was not one serving ... but 4 servings ... at like 280 calories per serving and 15 grams of fat. She said that my colesterol must suck and it was unhealthy to eat that much rich food... so now I'm all like scared I'm gonna have a heart attack and shit while I eat this whole tub of creamy delicious death.

Pray for me. I'm going in.


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Had one of my fav. homemade breakfasts about an hour ago- bacon-fried rice topped w/ 3 eggs over-easy, very good but my favorite variation is frying the rice with pork adobo; I don't cook adobo though so I wait for those occasions when my Mom calls to let me know she's made a batch and do I want to come get the leftovers, I always do . . .

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